The Eldest Sister Syndrome

A syndrome occurring in every family

The Eldest Sister Syndrome or the ESS is a commonly occurring phenomenon. There is no plausible explanation for the occurrence of ESS but almost every household has been a victim of this. The symptoms of this syndrome are widely shared by the elder sisters; ranging from unrealistic sacrifices expected from them to their painfully manipulative and sarcastic approach. However, there is no cure for the ESS; if you are born with this syndrome you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.

  1. Sharing the Bedroom

There is an endless war between tidy and untidy. Being the elder sister when you enter your room full of your sister’s piles of clothes on the floor and the wardrobe spic and span, you will most definitely go into shock.

2. Tried and Tested

You were always the guinea pig for your parents. All the rules and regulations, a little bit of yes and a more of no have all come down hard on you. If you are the victim of ESS then we all know you have been tried and tested my friend.

3. Telepathy

Being the eldest sister, you will be gifted with telepathy. You will never know how and when it started or what triggered it but you will be able to predict every move your younger sibling will make. You will be able to read their minds and share an unspoken joke in a room full of people and leave everyone feeling stunned.

4. The Cat and Mouse Game

This is an integral part of ESS. You will be in the constant lookout for your clothes and shoes because even if you forbid your sisters from wearing anything you own, they will still wear it (trust me on this). They will conspire against you and take action when you are least expecting it.

5. Sarcasm beyond Limits

If you are brothers, you would just fight it out and pretend like nothing happened but no you’re not brothers. You are from the other side, you are sisters and you; yes you my friend are the elder one. You will never forget and you will never fight. Then what would you do? The ESS seeks refuge in the sweetest pleasure of sarcasm; you will avenge yourself with words.

6. The Gateway between Your Sister and the World

There will be countless times when you will feel like pulling the hair off of your sister’s head just to see how she would have looked bald but that’s allowed for you to think only (not act upon it). You know you’re in for a fight if anyone even lays a finger on your sister. You are the gateway.

7. No Boundaries

Since you live under the same roof as your younger siblings, you will tend to have secrets which the world knows nothing of. No one can separate that bond.

8. You will always miss them

You will share a very complex relationship with your siblings consisting of love, irritation, annoyance and friendship. You will not choose them but you will love them like your children and never will you want to be their friend but they will turn out to be the best of your friends. You won’t be able to live with them and you won’t be able to live without them.

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