The Glamspin Fidget Spinner or the Wonkiest Latest Times

A new product has hit the market called - the Glamspin and it is solely directed at lip balm fanatics. The product is made of a bright yellow base with three different lip balm holders with compact lip balm inside. The idea behind this design is that it will be easier to locate when it is buried deep down in your bag and other than that you can merely twirl it around, just like the fidget spinner. Girls and guys who are obsessed with keeping their lips moisturized at all times are the inspiration behind the Glamspin Team. The three options are Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist, which also coincidentally sound like they could easily be new-and-improved Fanta flavors. Along with being the first multitasking fidget spinner, the Glamspin is also better-looking than most, with bold sans serif fonts and pastel colors. It was developed in collaboration with Taste Beauty, a kitschy company that helps brands manufacture innovative new products along with offering their own.

It costs $10 at and can actually add as a perfect gift for children as well. As cosmetics are normally not be gifted to young children, the Glamspin Fidget Spinner can be a miraculous savior. The Glamspin is set to begin shipping in mid-July this year, which means you can get your twitchy hands on one in only a few weeks’ time. Considering average, run-of-the-mill fidget spinners have been selling out in stores everywhere since the toy surged in popularity over the last few months, this even-better version is bound to be a success. The concept is unique — and it just might work.

The video that has gone viral for the marketing purposes of this latest ‘invention’ educates the people of the benefits of this product. And what might those be? To be able to use it while walking, use it in the sun, while socializing, at school/college, etc. Which other lip balm does not have these features?! Now what hits me as wonky is the fact that there is nothing new, creative or innovative about this product. The team just copied what other cosmetic giants have done before and came up with a product for the child market. But what is even more different is that with the growing desire of wanting to have everything just for the sake of the show of it will manage a good deal of sale for the Glamspin Fidget Spinner.

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