The Government has been thrust into Troubled Waters after Nawaz Sharif’s Departure to London

     Transparency, accountability and bringing back the looted national wealth had been the cornerstone of PTI’s Naya Pakistan during its pre- election promises. Despite making tall pre- election claims the PTI government does not seem to be living up to its promises. The government has already been dubbed unpopular by some quarters of the society owing to its poor governance and rising inflation. Nawaz Sharif’s recent departure to London has attracted more criticism for the present government than ever before. Sharif’s exit from Pakistan on medical grounds despite being convicted is contrary to PTI’s pre- election concept of equality of all citizens in Naya Pakistan.  Nawaz Sharif’s departure to London proves the fact that he has been given preferential treatment by the present government.  It is obviously true that if Nawaz Sharif being a convict could travel abroad on humanitarian grounds then perhaps other convicts should also be given the same privilege.  Moreover, former President Asif Ali Zardari despite being afflicted with several diseases continues to receive medical treatment in Pakistan.   For the past some time Nawaz Sharif’s failing health had become a national debate.  Despite being the three times elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was too precious to risk his life in Pakistan’s health care. Therefore, the only option left to save his precious life was to shift him to the United Kingdom for medical treatment.  News reports suggested that he was critically ill and had even experienced a considerable weight loss. However, contrary to the nation’s expectations Nawaz Sharif seemed to be quite healthy while departing to London. Pictures of Nawaz Sharif’s healthy countenance have raised suspicion if he was really as sick as the medical reports suggested.  Nawaz Sharif had earlier been given a reprieve from plane high jacking case and became a guest of the Saudi King.  However, this time he has again left the country despite being a convict under the pretext of failing health.  The present government has therefore attracted tremendous criticism for being dodged by PLMN. Considering the contradiction between Sharif’s medical reports and his actual health it is obviously true that the public has been misinformed by the medical boards.  Since one view contends that Sharif had faked an illness just to travel abroad PTI’s Yasmin Rashid and Usman Buzdar are being criticized.  

            Sharif’s departure has therefore thrust the present government into troubled waters as the Election Commission has approved the daily hearing of the Foreign Funding case against PTI.  The government not only needs to mend its rift with the judiciary but also needs to win the confidence of the general public.  Despite poor governance, rising inflation and economic mismanagement the general public has been forbearing with PTI’s government.  Since the government had been obsessed with the idea of bringing the Sharif’s to justice therefore inadequate attention had been given to economic development.  Resultantly, the general public now seems to be growing restive of PTI’s poor performance.    Nawaz Sharif had earlier been disqualified from public office holding however by travelling abroad he has dented both PTI’s politics and public image.  Consequently most people are of the view that some members of PTI have drifted from the party’s initial vision.  It is therefore high time that the Prime Minister only focuses on the well-being of the people to win the trust of the general public.  


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