The Impending Migrant Crises

The Impending Migrant Crises

Millions are Afghans are in absolute distress owing to Joe Biden’s imprudent decision of pulling the U.S troops out of Afghanistan without any decisive plan. Despite being warned of the difficulties pertaining to the airlift of thousands and thousands of individuals Biden wanted a hasty exit from Afghanistan. By refusing to listen to intelligence reports Biden has unraveled the gains made by the United States in the past two decades. Not only has Biden been a cause of shame for the United States but has also unleashed trouble for the entire world. In the middle of the pandemic global terrorist threat and an impending migration crisis is on its way. 

The humanitarian crisis and the turbulent circumstances in Afghanistan have even urged Uganda to host 2,000 Afghan refugees. Despite being one of the poorest countries Uganda was requested by the United States to temporarily host 2,000 people. It seems as if Biden is not aware of the problems pertaining to refugee crisis.  Experts on refugees and migration crises believe that refugees could either be very helpful in uplifting the host countries economy or they could be a burden. In some cases, the refugees end up in establishing thriving businesses in host countries. On the contrary at times refugees get in a habit of living on some kind of financial assistance from the host country. However, all experts believe that for the most part inhabitants of the host country consider refugees to be living at their expense. Therefore, it is believed that host governments mostly fear a backlash from their citizens on accommodating refugees.  Unfortunately, refugees were unwelcomed even in the pre pandemic era. Therefore, it is hard to imagine the facilities and the kind of cold reception the Afghan refugees might have to face in the middle of the pandemic. The United States has promised to accommodate 10,000 refuges. Britain has agreed to take in 20,000 and Australia has agreed to host 3,000 Afghan refugees. Germany and France would not be welcoming a further influx of refugees as elections are drawing near. Austria and Switzerland have refused to accept Afghan refugees at all.  Even before the fall of Kabul some 2. 2 million Afghans were living in the neighboring states. Last year some 1.4 million Afghans sought refuge in Pakistan therefore, it would be difficult to accommodate more refugees. Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have also allowed considerable numbers of Afghan refugees. Turkey however, has refused to be a part of Europe’s migrant storage. It is believed that Afghan refugees travelling on foot to Iran and Turkey would ultimately want to go to Europe. Turkey has already built a wall to avoid the refugees from crossing its border whereas Europe fears an impending Migration crisis. One view suggests that the United States must provide an airlift to all those who are still trapped in Afghanistan to prove that it still cares for the world. However, the other view contends that migrating each and every individual from Afghanistan would not be practical. It seems true that Afghans for the most part want to flee their country as they fear for their lives. The fact of the matter is that Biden should have been mindful of the consequences of his hasty decision. It seems ridiculous that Biden despite being criticized initially wanted to stick to his August 31st deadline.  Migrating millions of Afghans to other countries to save them from the Taliban is certainly not the solution of the long Afghan war. If migrating the entire Afghan population to other countries is the only solution to the Afghan problem then this could have been done earlier. The United States had promised to strengthen democratic institutions in Afghanistan. However, Biden has unraveled the gains in Afghanistan by the United States and its allies by scumming to the Taliban.

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