The Inconclusive Covid 19 Probe

Is the USA in focus of traceability?

World Health Organization’s Covid 19 probe in Wuhan China has finally ended inconclusively therefore it has no answers.  According to the allegations since China has high jacked the probe therefore there was a joint press conference by the W.H.O officials and the Chinese scientists. The Chinese officials took more talking time and presented the findings instead of the WHO officials. The Chinese scientists told the press that the source of the virus is still unclear. There is not enough evidence suggesting that there was virus in Wuhan before December 2019.  The source or the spread still remains a mystery. Never the less, the lab theory has been dismissed by the probe team. Therefore, they would not look into it anymore.  The investigators have concluded that the virus could have jumped from animals to humans. However, the investigators are still unaware of the animals which had spread the virus. The Chinese theory of frozen foods despite being refuted by the Western world is still being pushed by China.    It is believed that China has kept the world in dark regarding the spread and source of the virus.  Furthermore, Beijing despite showing no transparency was still admired by W.H.O’s Director General Dr. Tedros.  This theory has been further strengthened by the exposure of audio leaks wherein the officials of W.H.O could be clearly heard complaining of Beijing’s lack of cooperation.

Now Washington is questioning the probe whereas the W.H.O is fighting with the U.S.  The United States has rejected the W.H.O report as it looks forward to use its own intelligence and work with its allies to verify the report.  According to the U.S State Department China has not offered the requisite transparency needed by the international community to prevent such pandemics. On the contrary China blames the U.S for being the origin of the pandemic.  Therefore, Zeng Guang an official from China’s Center for Disease Control has argued the need for carrying out investigation in the U.S. Guang said that the United States is the focus of traceability. American biology laboratories are all over the world. Why does the United States have so many laboratories?   Guang wants the U.S to be more transparent regardless of whether it has done anything on the issue of the new crown virus.  However, a member of the W.H.O team Peter Deszak suggests that Joe Biden should not rely on the US intelligence reports.  Some believe that Deszak’s statement was meant to defend W.H.O’s inconclusive probe in Wuhan.  Many people around the world are not happy with the findings of the W.H.O’s probe. It is believed that the probe remains inconclusive as it has failed to answer questions regarding the source and spread of the virus. China has been accused of first keeping the world in dark and later shifting the blame on the U.S to make it the focus of traceability.  Perhaps both China and the United States need to be more transparent regarding the virus. As Trump associates had earlier accused Joe Biden of being secretly involved in China.

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