The Joyous Christmas Celebrating the Holiday Season

Every year on the 25th of December the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated around the world. Despite being a Christian event, it is celebrated as a time of joy and peace around the world. The Christmas season is considered as one of the best seasons of the year as it reminds of joy, peace and goodwill towards men. The arrival of December starts off festivity as houses, shops, and streets are beautifully lighted to welcome the season. What is more special about Christmas is that it is the time to meet friends and family living in distant places owing to holidays.
Santa Clause

Santa Clause or Christmas father is a person with white beard ,who is dressed in a red coat and trousers with white fur collar and cuffs. He carries a bag of gifts for children on his shoulder. The legendry Santa Clause has been inspired by St. Nicholas of Myra who was famous for helping the poor by giving gifts to their children on the Christmas Eve.

Christmas Trees

Christmas celebrations certainly seem incomplete without setting up a Christmas tree. The evergreen fir tree is traditionally used as Christmas tree with its branches decorated. The Christmas tree despite being a beautifully decorated tree has a deeper meaning as it is used as a sign of everlasting life from God. However a Christmas tree is incomplete without lights. Different claims have been made on who exactly invented the electric Christmas tree lights. As legends say in 1880 Thomas Edison put some of his newly made electric bulbs around his office. Later his colleague Edward Johnson hand strung 80 light bulbs red, white and blue in color and put them on his tree in his New York house. In year 1890 the Edison Company published their first brochure offering special lighting service for Christmas. Gifts beautifully wrapped are place underneath the Christmas tree for all members of the family making the season more exciting.


It usually snows during the holiday season in most of the cold parts of the world making Christmas white. A snow sculpture with snowballs of various sizes is placed on each other by children to make a stout snowman. The snowman’s arms are made of branches while its face is made of stones for eyes and a carrot for nose. The snowman finally stands tall after being dressed in human clothing such as a hat and a scarf.

Christmas is certainly a season of joy peace and harmony therefore this season should be celebrated as a global effort to promote peace around the world.


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