Breakfast has been coined the “most important meal of the day”, and this notion may hold more truth than just a myth. A healthy breakfast jumpstarts your day, providing your body an opportunity for nourishment and self-care and may significantly influence your mood and energy throughout the day. Make breakfast convenient by stocking up on healthful fare that you enjoy.

Skipping breakfast or making poor breakfast food choices may lead to reduced nutrient intake. A wholesome breakfast can put you on track to make wise dietary choices throughout the day. Routine breakfast eaters tend to consume a more healthy overall diet- lower in fat and higher in nutrients than people who don’t eat breakfast. To make the most of your breakfast, aim for a balanced meal containing nutritious foods from all vital food groups, including fruits and/or vegetables; a nourishing starch breakfast supplies an energy boost which the utilizes as fuel for daily activities. Skipping breakfast is linked to reduced physical activity. A balance breakfast promotes healthy blood sugar levels, which is important for preventing energy decline and irritability later in the day. Overeating, particularly fatty foods or refined carbonates, at breakfast can also cause lethargy. In short, avoid high cholesterol foods like parathas, deep fried hash browns, sugary items, etc.

Poor breakfast habits can also result in weight gain. While many people believe that skipping breakfast promotes weight loss, but the people who skip breakfast tend to carry more body weight than people who eat breakfast and three to four additional meals or snacks daily. Eating too little or skipping your morning meal may lead to excessive hunger, overeating and poor food choices later on. If you’re not hungry or feel rushed for time in the morning, enjoy a balanced, healthful snack, like a banana, apple, homemade granola bar, peanut butter (organic) sandwich, or any other fruit/vegetable juice.

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