From dead to the living, and from Faser to Cruise

Two thousand years prior, a youthful p rincess named Ahmanet was chosen the new leader of Egypt, however her dad did not wish to pass on the royal position to his little girl until he had a male child. Subsequently, she murdered her dad and endeavored to guarantee the position of royalty for herself, yet her arrangement was ruined and she was covered alive underneath the sands of Egypt, never to be seen again. After her tomb is rediscovered by the American armed force and opened in present day times, she is at the end of the day stirred; carrying with her a vindictive resentment that has developed over centuries and dread that will oppose all humankind.

The Mummy (2017) is in no way a sequel of the original Mummy and the Mummy Returns that we have all watched and starred our favorite Brendon Fraser. Therefore, you must all know that the new Mummy does not star Brendon Fraser but actually Tom Cruise! Well we cannot complain about that either. Tom Cruise, keeping the movie aside, has actually defied the odds of aging and has planned on never stopping to impress his fans and audience.

All-inclusive has figured out how to sack a noteworthy star to help revive The Mummy as Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, a character we know alongside nothing about except for who *might* be associated with the military somehow. Annabelle Wallis is a researcher sort who directs the vehicle of the main mummy until something turns out badly on the grounds that what else would you say you were anticip ating? The mummy herself is Sofia Boutella, while Jake Johnson and Courtney B Vance will show up as more military men. Spanish performing artist Javier Botet will convey some overwhelming mythology to the film as Set, the old Egyptian bedlam god. What's more, Russell Crowe will appear as a character you may have known about some time recently, one Dr. Henry Jekyll. The Mummy is set to release on the 9th of June this year making it in head on competition with the Wonder Woman. Although World War Z 2 is also expected to release but there have been no confirmations to this source as of yet.

Upon watching the trailer of the Mummy it shows clear cut differences between what is expected of the movie and what it actually is. You will remember the mummy depicted in the previous movies as a horrific scene of skin half visible and a deformation of the human body. However, the mummy which is female this time is quite the opposite. She is completely normal other than the fact that she is tattooed all over and had supernatural strength and powers. Oh! I forgot to mention her double corneas though, a sign of evil as shown in the movie. Let me also mention the fact that this mummy can swim. For some unknown reason Cruise falls off a plane and survives without a scratch and somehow the mummy has something do with it.

Everything is even more confusing when you compare the two official trailers. The first trailers shows Cruise dead for most of the part but we all know that will not be true for how will the movie even carry out. The second trailer shows the Mummy belonging to a horror genre rather than fantasy and/or action. Well what more can be done rather than wait for it.

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