The Need to Sustain the Revival of Pakistan Film Industry

The much awaited revival of the Pakistan film industry began with Shoaib Mansoor’s KHUDA K LYE in 2007 introducing Fawad Khan. The success of KKL gradually inspired new film makers to invest in a slumped film industry. The Pakistani film industry had experienced its golden era in the 1960’s but later had gradually experienced a down fall eventually collapsing in the early 2000’s. During the tenure of General Pervez Musharraf the film industry suffered huge losses hence film makers barely made any films during this time.  KKL turned out to be the highest earning film till 2007 making a huge profit of 25 crores. KKL at the time of its release turned out to be solely responsible for changing the fate of a collapsed film industry. Year 2007 therefore was marked by the revival of the film industry film Zibah khana released the same could not make much at the box office. The film indutry after the success of KKL began experiencing an extremely slow but steady revival and in 2011 Shoaib Mansoor’s  Bol  turned out be another milestone.  Film Bol introduced new comers Mahira Khan and Humaima Malik to the silver screen propelling them to new heights of fame.  By 2013 the Film Industry was again back on track churning out films such as Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Zinda Bhaag. These films were appreciated however, film WAAR starring Shan Shahid released in 2013 turned out be the highest earning film making a whopping 30 crores.  With multiple films every year the film industry is again functional.  However, one cannot ignore the fact that Pakistan Film industry which is relatively new is in a tough competition with giants Holly Wood and Bolly Wood.

 Some of the notable films in 2016 were Ho Mann Jahaan, Janaan, Dobara Phir Se, Lahore se Agay and Actor in Law.  2017 saw films such as Punjab Nahi Jaugi, Na Maloom Afrad 2, Yalghaar and the music awaited Arth – Destination.  However, films released during 2016-17 could not escape criticism some films were criticized by the critics for their weak storylines while others were lambasted on technical grounds.

A few films have been released every year since 2013 but unfortunately most of the films have been criticized for their weak story lines. According to film critics most of the Pakistani films either lack a strong plot or seem to be over whelmingly be influenced by Indian films.

This Eid films such as Na Band Na Barati, Wajood, 7 Din Mohabbat In and Azaadi were released but unfortunately none of these films were critically acclaimed. These films have been criticized for one thing or the other. 7 Din Mohabbat In has only been appreciated by the critics for its beautiful cinematography and art direction despite being criticized for not being made intelligently.   According to critics sustaining an industry with high spending and a low return is difficult hence investors should wisely invest in the film industry. Some film industry experts suggest that investing in a film more than 5 to 10 crores is not prudent. Film market for Pakistan is much smaller than Holly Wood and Bolly Wood.   It is high time for Pakistani film makers to realize that film viewers are extremely intelligent and expect creativity and research on the part of the film makers.  It is therefore extremely important for film makers to at least try to attempt making flawless films in order to sustain the revival of the industry.  Pakistani film industry has revived due to the efforts of Pakistani film makers now a lot of hard work, sincerity and prudence is required to take it to the next level.

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