The One with the Brides

Somewhere in the early 90’s my girlfriends and I were sitting in our dorm deciding which corner belongs to whom. Our late night gossip sessions and pakora and chay are what I miss the most about my university life. We were on tightly bonded group of 5 girls. We literally did everything together; even the choice of majors was the same! Just imagine that.

In our days even the little amount of fashion was considered a huge deal and especially for girls away from home and living in the university dorms. And you won’t believe what we were known for in our university… we used to be called the lipstick girls; us 5 had a habit of applying color to our lips on a regular basis and that was too much to handle for the patriarch society especially in early 90’s. We were considered too modern and out of bounds girls for our age. But that still did not change us one bit because we were given permission by our parents and we were youthful and energetic and little mattered what the world thought of us.

Until one day…

As it was very common in those days for girls to dream of their big day and their prince charming as it is still today, we being addicts of romance filled novels were the same. Every time one of our batch mates got married or engaged, it left us little tiny hopes in our heart… oh our naive hearts.

One day, as were walking to or back from class (I cannot precisely recall) with tainted lips and talking about our usual assignments and most dreaded teachers as two young fellows passed by us. That moment was the one where you could hear 5 hearts crushing down to the floor. And you know why? Because of one unthinkable comment those fellows passed out loud, “In larkiyon se kon shadi karega?” (Who will marry these girls?).

Again I remind you that were living in a time where marriage was your utmost promotion in life and those two fellows took that away from us in one heart shattering moment. With the red gone from our lips, we scurried back to dorm teary eyed and ghost lips.

We thought the world was crushing down us and we had nowhere to go but down with it. Those were some silly days. As a form of retreat we dressed each other up saying reassuring words. Now that we think of it, we could not have been stupider.

And today after 20 years, we all sit around a coffee table with our beautiful children and laugh at our naivety. Age and time plays games with your mind. That was time when marriage was the ultimatum and we were in an age where marriage was our only dream. Everything turns out to be great in the end because age and time always have a plan in store for each of us. Oh we were so young and blunt! Today, a single gathering doesn’t pass where we cease to mention this incident and the tea room fills up with laughter.

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