It’s an ordinary day as I enter my university grounds in blue jeans and white shirt to greet my friends. We meet in the usual manner; half hug and a pat on the back. I hear complements on the new shirt I’m wearing, speaking of which I bought it two days prior. I am a guy with an average height and average looks. I do not tend to make friends with girls easily therefore it’s a huge deal for my friends if or when I talk to a girl.

Now on this precise day, my friend notices a girl sitting on the bench behind us while we chose to sit on the university lawn. He points out, that the girl has been staring at me for quite some time now. As I have my back to her, I cannot sharply turn around and check who it is, instead I ask him to describe her to me. So this girl is wearing a black shirt and trouser, and has short dark hair. However, my friend and I continue to indulge in our chat and I soon forget about the girl.

Later, on the same day, my friends and I continue walking through the corridor and notice the same bench girl is following us while giggling to her friend. I notice that she is an attractive girl and looks at me with a big smile on her face. Naturally. I feel drawn to her and the desire to talk to her stirs inside me. However, I choose to wait to talk to her. I wait for her to give me another signal but I received nothing.

Little did I know that there will not be another time because no sooner than I thought of talking to her, this girl comes up to me herself and asks if she could talk to me in private? My friends whistle and give me a nudge and I go off with her to another corner of the campus. We start off with the usual questions regarding each other, have a polite conversation but then she suddenly asks if she could be honest with me *while blushing*. I start to feel very nervous because I’m not used to being asked out by a girl. And then she blurts out, “Aap ki jeans pheeche se phati huwi hai… beech mein se…” she goes off leaving me dumfounded.

I was unable to walk or sit or do anything for that matter. The whole day I had been walking around with torn jeans and the whole day I thought a girl was interested in me!!! Oh, how I wanted to disappear into thin air that day…


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