The One with the Wall

So one fine day, my friends and I were having our usual chit-chat at our usual spot which used to be near my car in the university parking lot. Our typical routine used to be for us all to gather around my car and have a smoke. Now, mind you that these were our fresh days at university life. I was in my first year of bachelors.

When you enroll into a university you feel like you have achieved a huge milestone and that the world is at your feet. In short, just imagine 20 year old boys right in their prime, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

I was sitting in the driver’s seat with the door open and facing my friends who were all scattered but still quite near when we heard this loud roar coming from someone’s engine. While squinting our eyes, we were trying to make out whose engine this was and then we finally saw it - a white corolla driving towards the parking lot from the other end of the street and its engine roaring loudly and letting the campus know what was driving by. The unpleasant sound ultimately stopped as the driver, another fellow student, parked the car right beside mine and got out, eyed us all and went straight inside the campus premises.

Held aback by this very offensive act we started to boil with rage. Again, mind you we were 20 year old boys who thought that the world was at our feet and another 20 year old boy who also thought he was  much bigger than us, with his fancy car, gave us ‘the look’. He did a very immature thing, and we avenged ourselves with even more immaturity.

Coming back to boiling with anger, my friends started pumping me to do something similar and childish (at the time I didn’t feel it was), “Aray beth or accelerator daba kyu sirf us k pass hai kya?”(Press the accelerator hard, hes not the only one with a car) Or “Es ko tu dekhate hain awaz kese nikalti hai” (lets show him whose boss). With adrenaline pumping hard inside me, I got back in my driver’s seat and shut the door with a loud bang while my friends kept on bucking me up from the outside. Without thinking, I pressed the accelerator with full energy pushing the car to life and up and away I went. Ladies and gentlemen, I drove right through the wall in front of me. Yes, I had forgotten to pull the handbrake.

For some time all I could see was dust and dark figures calling and moving around me. At last the dust settled and I hurriedly checked myself for signs of injury which were fortunately zero. As I looked back up I saw the whole university staring at me, I had drove into my university’s wall. So that was the end for my ‘the world at my feet’ theory.

Moreover, my friends came up and said “Aray yar tu ne tu gari mar de” and “Chal beta ab tu tu gaya kaam se” and “Kya pari the itna shoda banne ki” (showoff).

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