The Prodigal Family

Inam quietly entered his room and was about to go to sleep when he heard a thud outside. At first he thought that it was a cat but his suspicion arose as he heard the same noise again. He parted the curtains and looked out of the window but it was dark. Therefore he was unable to see anything but could only hear the moaning of a person.  He immediately jumped out of the window to inquire what had happened. As he stepped out he discovered a beautiful lady lying down who seemed to be injured as her clothes were torn. The moment she realized that someone had come she called out for help and started crying. Inam made the lady stand on her feet and took her inside. The Lady told Inam that as she was returning to her home three thugs tried to assault her. Inam was angry to hear that so he asked her which side did they go. She simply had not noticed any such thing so she was unable to answer him.  Not only Inam dressed her wounds but also gave her a painkiller. He then left the room to sleep outside on the couch asking her to sleep in the bed.


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The Prodigal Family

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