The Prodigal Family

Chapter 2

An old man accompanied by a young well- built teenage boy entered the building. These two men were followed by a stout man in his early twenties whose long hair covered his ears. Furthermore he had combed his hair in such a way that it covered his left eye. The building was burnt and therefore abandoned years ago following the enemy’s invasion of the city. Some of the residents owing to the tremendous damage caused by the war had fled to distant cities while others had exiled to foreign countries. However those who chose to stay behind had to face tremendous challenges.

 A young man in his late twenties was handcuffed to a chair he despite being handsome had a pair of eyes that seemed as cunning as that of a rat. The old man warned the one who was handcuffed that his only chance was left yet this young man still remained silent. The handcuffed man had no intention to quit as his eyes burnt with anger. The old man looked at his crony who was in his twenties and nodded in despair and left the building with the teenage boy.

 “He ordered me to kill you” said that the stout man with puffed hair to the hand cuffed man.

“Do you want me to beg for my life?” replied the one who was handcuffed

“No but I expect you to do that” said the stout man

“Let me give you a fair warning. I want you to go right now or you will be dead in just a matter of time.” said the man on the chair and then changed his position.

On hearing this one with a hair puff laughed but exactly at the same moment a bullet piercing the window glass missed him by a few centimeters. “That is why he had folded his sleeves and bragged on killing me”. He is not aware of my powers thought the puffed hair man as he jumped backwards. Then the stout man jumped towards the wall and tapped it with his fist. A fragment from the wall came out and moved rapidly towards the gunner aiming from the roof top of another building. The gunner had to move quickly to avoid the fragment of the wall thrown at him. Consequently he had lost the sight of his target so he moved to the other end of the roof to sense the movements of his target.

“I don’t want to kill you” he said.
“Yes, you don’t” and the hand cuffed guy produced massive fire which melted his hand cuffs made of steel. Suddenly another bullet pierced the wall hitting the floor as it had just missed the stout man’s foot. The stout man rubbed his foot on the floor creating a cemented slab. He then kicked the cemented slab towards the previously handcuffed man who was now producing massive flames. The boy with flames now dogged the stout man producing more and more massive flames.  The gunner was moving about to take a better view of his target as he was thick and curvy. “You won’t shoot again” said a man in his early thirties to the gunner. This man however looked much younger than his actual age as he was short and even his beard had not fully grown. The gunner on hearing the other man’s order stopped for a second and thought. Then he again set his aim as he was not willing to take orders from the one in his thirties. In return the other man blew the water tank with a mini bomb resultantly the water spilled filling the roof.  The gunner was about to pull the trigger when the rushing water caused his hand to slip. The gunner then put his other hand into his pocket pulled out a knife and threw it in the water. The knives multiplied as they moved towards the other man.  Consequently the man in his thirties stopped the knives aimed at him with a wall of water further encompassing the gunner with water. Soon the water engulfed the gunner so that he was unable to move. The gunner now seemed trapped in a strange cage of water while the other man said don’t worry you will not die I shall come back to you. The one in his thirties now raised himself covered in waves of water and flew to the other building.

The boy with the flames was prolific and gave no time to his opponent at all. The boy with flames jumped on a table and even walked on the wall producing flames.  The one with puffed hair was about to be engulfed by flames however rushing water from the widow rescued him extinguishing the flames. The man covered in water waves came through the window and rushed towards the one with the flames. The one with the flames managed to escape as he was smarter and kept producing massive flame to dodge the other man.  The water wielder tried to follow the one with the flames but lost sight of him.  The water wielder had returned to meet the one with puffed hair but found out that he too had left. In the meanwhile the gunner caught in a strange cage of water had also managed to escape. The old man had been viewing this entire situation captured by his camera along with his teen age son. He addressed his son Anas and said these are all your brothers.


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