The Prodigal Family

Dr. Sadia was sitting in her office waiting for her next patient to arrive. She was young and energetic with vibrant eyes showing her ambitious nature. Her peculiar dress sense made everyone notice her where ever she went. Dr. Sadia’s next patient despite being in a habit of arriving late was of much importance to her. She had started working as a psychologist only a few years back but had never found any other patient as interesting as this man.  After waiting for some time finally the patient arrived.

“So how are you feeling today?” she asked.
“Angry” he replied.
“Why what happened?”


“He tried to get us killed today. Someday his decency and indecisiveness will get us killed”
“And you are referring to????”

“Off course Salem who else”

“Do you realize what you are saying about yourself?”

“Part of myself” he said as if correcting her.  “Yes I do realize that”

“What happened?” she was intrigued.

We encounter people who are peculiar like us with special abilities. He said that in a secretive style.

We were told to protect some who does not require any protection as he produces massive flame of fire from his body. The other person had no chance to catch him despite being good at aiming and shooting. He aimed at us from the other building.

“You must be in danger then” she asked.

I guess some one wanted the flame boy dead therefore I made a cage of water and trapped Saleem in it.  I flew Saleem away on water waves to the other building where the boy with flames was. He obviously ran away. I helped Salem in getting out from there.”

“So you had helped yourself”

“I helped the other part of myself as I and he share the same body despite being different. I am Suleiman I am good at manipulating steel the other one is good at predicting movements. He had let me fire we had not missed the shot. He whereas deliberately missed the shot as he did not want to kill anyone.


“Do you wanted to kill him?” she asked in order to confirm.

“I will do whatever I have to protect ourselves.” Now she was convinced

“I have to go now. Thanks for your time.” He left before time.

After this strange patient had left Dr. Sadia had three more appointments.

At 9pm it was time for her to go home so she opened the door and surprisingly there he was.

“I am so sorry I missed my appointment today” Salem said. “Are you leaving?” he asked.
“Yes but I could give you few minutes” she said. After all he actually missed the session and Suleiman had to attend in his stead.

“I have met people with exceptional abilities.” He told her many things about his abilities already described by Suleiman who was a part of him.

“Do you think I am lying?” She knew that he was telling the truth as she had herself seen Suleiman’s abilities.

He could actually replicate metal without even touching it.

“Do you think my actual disease is my habit of “fantasizing things?”


“No I don’t think so” she said.


“Why?” He asked. Saleem did not have a vivid memory of Suleiman’s acts. At times he remembered he remembered even the slightest details regarding Suleiman. However at times he could not remember much about Saleem.  What triggered such a varied response was still unknown to both to both Sadia and Saleem.


Sadia said “I don’t think you will ever lie to me will you. “

He did not answer her question.

I think the one who paid me to protect that man is the same person who ordered me to kill that person.


“I don’t know. I didn’t see him as I only felt him. He was there anyway why would I look for the answer.”

How it that possible now what would you do.



“I will manage” he said. I have already taken plenty of your time.

He had in fact spent some extra time in the clinic as Suleiman had missed his appointment now the session was over.




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