It was dark when she entered her house, the civil defense had already imposed a curfew. None was allowed to go out except for soldiers and security officials who were striding on the deserted roads. She opened the lock of the big gate which despite being old, represented the well-being of its residents. The house however showed no sign of human activity. As silence and darkness prevailed, the house seemed haunted, so walking through the courtyard ,she entered the house.

Turning on the lights was not permissible under such circumstances therefore she had to grope in the dark. The path was familiar as she had been treading it for years. It seemed as if the war had begun since eternity however, she had not yet changed her habit of getting home late. After walking through a few rooms she finally entered a room on her left. Her hand caressed the wooden door as she opened it.

The room was vacant, she walked towards a corner when a bright light appeared. The bright light had almost blinded her for a moment. At that point, a young girl ran and hugged her. “We will spend the night with you” said the young girl Fatima in a cheerful voice. The young girl had come to Sadia as a pleasant surprise.  Where is your mother?  She is in the other room with grandmother answered the young girl.

Sadia carried Fatima as she walked to that room. On reaching the room she was greeted by Fatima’s younger brother Maaz. Later she met her elder sister Safia who was Fatima’s mother. Sadia’s mother after welcoming her told her to eat the leftover. How was your day? Safia asked, expressing her concern for her younger sister. Sadia said that Saleem has made contact with other people who have special abilities.  Who are those people? asked Safia. Saleem has not disclosed that, all he told me was that those people want to kill each other. So have any of them killed each other? asked Safia anxiously. No, not yet but I am quite sure that Saleem wants to kill them all, as he seemed furious today.  Give me Saleem’s address as I will try to convince him besides inquiring about these people with special abilities.

Why do you think that anyone with special abilities is our brother? remarked Sadia as she was irked. I have already provided you this much information which is not befitting for a doctor as it is against the basic doctor patient relationship ethics.

No one other than our father could have used his children as guinea pigs remarked Safia. This is what makes me think that anyone with special powers can probably be our brother.  Why do you ignore the probability that father could have experimented on orphans said Safia. Father had never experimented on orphans replied Sadia.

Father was not a saint if he could use us as guinea pigs without even asking us then why he would spare orphans. It is possible that none of these have special abilities like me except for mutation said Sadia.

I will contact Junaid he will surely listen to me as I am certain that anyone with special abilities is our brother said Safia.

Sadia was irritated, how  could you think that he is our brother ignoring the fact that he has other siblings.  He was born a few years following my birth, mom had named him Khalil but later dad gave him to a childless couple said Safia.

On hearing this Sadia informed her sister that according to Saleem someone present during the fight could use water as a weapon to fly and attack.  Do you think that it was Junaid , asked Sadia surprisingly?


In answer to Safia’s inquisitiveness, Sadia told her all that Saleem/ Suleman had told her during appointment with her. The story of Saleem and Suleman was very similar except for the fact that they both did not have similar emotions. Saleem felt that killing his enemies was a better option rather than fighting with them. On the contrary, Suleman felt guilty even for attempting to kill his enemies.  However what was common among Saleem and Suleman was their desire to find out the truth.  Similarly both Sadia and Safia also had the desire to inquire the truth however both the sisters had a different perspective.  Safia wanted her family to be whole, whereas Sadia looked at the situation from a doctor’s perspective. Sadia wanted to help her patient overcome his vice nature and not kill anyone.





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