The Prodigal Family

The boy was just learning how to walk therefore he could barely take a few steps however the enthusiasm of his parents was worth watching. It was his first birthday, nevertheless his parents felt as if it was yesterday when they found him at their doorstep. The couple was childless even after 7 years of their marriage so when the little child was discovered at their doorstep, they had every reason to be happy.

Hey what are you doing asked Dr. Sadia?

Mohsin walked in the room without even knocking at the door and just sat across the table. You could have knocked at the door before entering the room remarked Dr. Sadia as she was irked by Mohsin’s behavior. Moshin had a habit of keeping his eyes covered with his hair which usually kept flying over his face. Sadia asked Moshin when you will let me see your eyes? Never, replied Mohsin.  You know I can’t let you see my eyes. Okay relax junior replied Dr. Sadia, your girlfriend can have a look at your eyes any way. Moshin was irritated with Dr. Sadia’s remarks.  There were two things that always irked him being referred to as Junior by Sadia and the mention of the word girlfriend. None of the girls wanted to keep company with Mohsin owing to his strange behavior.  I don’t have a girlfriend said Mohsin. Dr. Sadia pointing to his hair remarked that his hair was responsible for his forever single status. That is the reason I love my hair replied Mohsin. Your attitude is also one of the reasons that girls do not want to keep company with you remarked Sadia as his attitude irked her.

I love my attitude replied Mohsin he further added love is strange if  there is no one to love you then you can love yourself.


Yes replied Sadia. They both were of the view that romance between a boy and girl was the most useless yet overrated emotion in the world.  They both said love is for losers and then broke into laughter.  Dr. Sadia then quickly packed her stuff and informed her assistant that she was going out for lunch.

Hey what about your boss dude Inquired Sadia?

What is it that you want to hear he is still alive?

How can he be still alive when you are his body guard?

I actually wanted to quit this job but since I have become friends with my Boss’s son Anas I decided not to quit my job. We both are inseparable friends.

Why is it that you are thinking of quitting this job when your employer pays you well asked Dr. Sadia?

He pays well but in return he expects too much from me.

Dr. Sadia immediately asked Mohsin what was that his boss was expecting for him other than his job description. Sadia wanted to probe into his work life.

Mohsin however had no intention of answering so he replied in a stern voice I do not want to answer your question.

Mohsin then turned to Sadia and asked her to stop behaving like a psychologist. He then insisted on that she should rather behave like a friend.

I am your friend and will always remain your friend replied Dr. Sadia.

He wanted me to kill a guy said Mohsin as he felt embarrassed.

Did you kill that person asked Dr. Sadia as she was scared to hear all of that?

To be Continued ……………………..




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