The Prodigal Family

She sighed with relief after hearing that Mohsin had not killed anyone. She wondered that if he really had killed someone? It would have made no difference to her since she liked him. Dr. Sadia loved Mohsin as a young brother and her best friend. Both Sadia and Mohsin knew each other since they were university students. Sadia was a psychology student when Mohsin had just enrolled in MBBS. Despite being in different departments they both had become friends during their university days. Sadia was happy to hear that Mohsin was innocent now she was certain that he hadn’t killed anyone.

Who was the guy that your boss wanted you to kill?

I do not know much about him except for the fact that was he caught by the boss while trying to steal something from him.

Dr. Sadia had sensed that Mohsin was trying to hide something from her.

You better quit your job said Sadia.

Mohsin replied “I can’t just quit my job right away as I am supposed to notify to my boss that I plan to leave.

“You should” she said “Let’s order something”

Okay I want you to give me a treat.

I always have to give you a treat replied Sadia.

Actually I am saving money for my last year’s tuition fee.

After having a heated debate on who should be paying the restaurant bill they placed an order.

The man with a weird hairstyle will be at Grand Hotel tonight. Junaid was informed by one of his hired spies. He had appointed a man to spy on those 3 men. If these men were capable of doing something substantial they can be used to fight for the country otherwise they should be killed.

His name is Mohsin and he works as the body guard for Najam an ex-military scientist. The spy informed Juanid.  On hearing about Mohsin Junaid was intrigued and therefore thought that the bodyguard must be possessing special abilities. It was not unusual for an ex-military officer to have a bodyguard. However, he said to himself if this guy had capabilities then Najam was bound to inform his authorities.  Had there been any news regarding a super soldier I would have definitely known about it. This particular spy then contacted his fellow spies but they had nothing to report. Mohsin could be easily recognized and traced owing to his strange hairstyle whereas the other targets could easily be lost in the crowd.

Junaid received a text message from one his spies informing him that the arrangements regarding his visit to Grand hotel were final.

Junaid than immediately went to get dressed for the event.



To be Continued ……………………..


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