The Prodigal Family

Safia had to attend the event at the Grand hotel owing to her husband’s high rank in the military. She dropped her kids at her mother’s house so she could accompany her husband. She had dressed up for the event when her husband had come to pick her up. Dressed in khaki uniform, her husband was ready for any official event.
“I have dropped the kids at my mom’s house” she told him.
“Good, we might have to stay there for a while as these parties can take a little longer.”
She did not like staying late at nights especially in hotels. Army men are allowed to stay out past curfew she said as if suggesting that she could stay at home.
No, it is fine you will have to be present at the event said the husband. She did not answer him.
The Grand hotel was grand just as its name suggested. People had grown accustomed to the never ending war and curfew. People would spend the curfew hours in the hotel to attend late night parties and events. The grand hotel was famous for its late night parties and meetings. The hotel rooms had the best blackout curtains to block light from penetrating outside. They entered the long dark corridor of the hotel leading to the ballroom. The door opened and the bright light blinded them for some time. The waiter after welcoming them asked if they had already made dinner reservations. While Sajid was busy talking to the waiter ,Safia just looked around when she happened to notice Mohsin. He was sitting next to Najam who was Safia’s father but was unaware of the fact. Mohsin and Safia looked at each other and resultantly Mohsin got up and walked towards her.
“How are you?” he asked jubilantly.
I am fine replied Safia. How come you are here during a night time curfew? All she wanted to hear was why anyone in the world would attempt to hurt Najam who was nobody. She was not concerned of the fact that he was her father. He had his bodyguard with him suggesting that he was afraid of someone. Are people aware of his strange experiments she kept wondering?
“I am with my boss.” He gave a short reply.
Would you like to join us for dinner she asked?
He declined her offer as he was on duty and therefore had to be with his boss all the time. They both had a small casual conversation after which he returned to his table.

To be continued


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