The Prodigal Family

Safia was surprised to see Junaid and Mohsin talking to each other however she did not want Sajid to notice anything.  Therefore she continued with the dinner as Sajid kept introducing her to his colleagues. She was already acquainted with some while others she only knew by their names. She had a smile on her face which was neither real nor fake.


Mohsin walked up to Safia to bid her Goodbye as he was leaving. How will you go she asked him? It was past curfew and no civilian could stay out. Mohsin answered I will manage and left the hall?  Sajid was busy talking to his colleagues however the fact that Mohsin and Junaid already knew each other was a matter of concern for Safia. Mohsin’s abrupt leave had bothered her so she went to the Kitchen and slipped out through the back door.  She was about to say loudly Mohsin stop as she followed him but suddenly she felt someone else to be there. It was a moonlit night therefore she could clearly see a man hiding behind the wall. She had a feeling that the man who was following Mohsin was full of rage furthermore she could also sense that Mohsin was disturbed. Safia had the ability to read people’s mind and to communicate with them in thoughts alone. However, the other person could ignore the feelings or thoughts sent by her if they wanted. Mohsin was walking along the wall when he was suddenly attacked by this sinister man whose hand lit with fire.  Inam was the man who had attacked Mohsin trying to burn his left arm. Mohsin immediately jumped back and used sand as his armor.

“Get ready to die. I was here to kill the old man and his son but I will take care of them once I am done with you.” Inam said almost shouting.

Mohsin dodged Inam and quickly picked a few bricks from the street and threw them at his opponent. Inam noticed that Mohsin’s hair was covering his left eye so he attacked him again.

Mohin’s armor was there to protect him resultantly only his clothes were burnt whereas his skin had not been affected. The next moment Mohsin felt no danger as he was overcome by serenity. Inam had also become docile and put out the fire. Safia had made use of her capability of communicating with them in thoughts alone therefore she had intervened their fight by influencing their thoughts. Mohsin realized that his mind was being controlled by a foreign force and therefore suddenly left the scene. On the contrary Inam had not realized the fact that someone was controlling his thoughts. Inam felt confused after a while and left. The fight was finally over therefore Safia went back to the hotel and sent a text message to Sadia which read Mohsin has capabilities.


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