The Prodigal Family

Junaid had received a phone call informing that a psychologist had just reported an attack by one of her patients. Surprisingly, the description of the assailant bore a close resemblance to the description Junaid had given to his informant. Now he was hopeful that he might be able to find Salem at last.  Therefore, he decided to meet this particular psychologist. She tried to read his mind but she could not as so many thoughts were distracting her powers.  Junaid was alone driving his car when he suddenly noticed that a car was chasing him. Therefore, he felt like interrogating that driver so he signaled the other car to stop. However, on discovering that the man was also a major Junaid apologized and bid him farewell. Junaid was now walking towards his car when he suddenly noticed a shadow had attacked him from behind. Junaid was swift in his move so he managed to escape the assault by moving aside. However, to his surprise he saw no one until he felt a whiff of air coupled with another moving shadow. Six men dressed in black had camouflaged in the dark. Junaid made use of the mini bombs he had earlier used to tear apart water tanks of buildings. Resultantly, water was everywhere surrounding Junaid.  As he was about to use water for his rescue Junaid noticed a shadow passing him by consequently his hands were handicapped. Khalil had used water to handicap Junaid’s hands. Suddenly Junaid noticed a seventh person sitting on the top of a building. The moon had now come out of the clouds but surprisingly this man could change the color of the moon. Junaid felt a chill in his bone. He desperately tried to raise water with his hands but he had been handicapped.  Shadows with daggers in hands were quickly moving around him. He tried hard to doggedly escape his assailants therefore he missed a feeble stab. The shadows had become fierce someone tried to slash Juniad’s throat but he managed to escape. However a dragger had just ripped his thigh. He even tried to manipulate water but it was useless. The moon had again disappeared in the clouds so it was difficult to trace the moving shadows. Earlier he had managed to get a hold of the dagger which was aimed at slitting his throat. Junaid had tried all he could do from attempting to attack the man sitting on the roof to physically attacking his assailants. There were a few screams suggesting that he had managed to attack a few of them. However, for the most part they had been successful. A patrol unit was stationed at some distance which drove to the scene and found Junaid lying down covered in blood.




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