The Prodigal Family By Hussain Ahmad

“You failed to retrieve those documents from him. The bald guy was both angry and surprised.

“There was this boy he was all prepared said the flame thrower.”

I thought you could handle that boy Inam.

“He was special?”
He is special because he is mentally retarded? Sarcasm was evident in bald man’s voice as he spoke.

“He is special because of his magical powers dad. Believe me.” On hearing this bald man frowned. He was trying to test Inam even though he always knew that he was a special kid. However he had no idea what was so special about Inam. No documents had been retrieved however the money offered by him was too big to refuse.

He could not criticize Inam for coming up with excuses to cover up his failure so he decided to investigate the matter himself.

So he told Inam that it is normal to fail we would look into this matter sometime else. Inam was however not listening as his mind was wandering somewhere else making new plans.  Inam had never told the bald man about his abilities. Gangu Bhai was not his real father however Inam was used to of calling him dad.  His real father was a soldier who mostly stayed away from home.  One day somebody had left Inam at their doorstep. The mother had adopted him and always treated him as her own child however the father had always alleged her for infidelity. The husband was of the view that his wife was befooling her by pretending that someone had left this child at their door step.  The soldier was not Inam’s real father however the later always considered him his real father.  The soldier was used to beating his wife and did not even spare Inam. The soldier’s wife died one day as she was not able to bear the beating, aches and pains.

The soldier sold Inam as soon as his wife died to a gangster who needed boys as a part of his business.  That was how Inam was introduced to Gangu bhai.  Inam however never complained to anyone of his past, one night he silently walked to his old house and burnt it with the flames produced by his body.  He had witnessed his father chocking and gasping for oxygen and ultimately dying of suffocation but he did not rescue him.   He had never disclosed his abilities to anyone. Furthermore no one had lived to tell of his abilities furthermore, he also wanted to make sure that they all die. However, an old man and the water thrower (boy) were aware of his abilities. The one who tried to shoot the man with strange hair could be the water thrower. Inam said to himself if the suspect was the one who could use water waves then he had no need to kill a person with a gun.  So Inam said that there could be another man who tried to kill the man with the strange hair. Then he said to himself why the one with the ability to create water waves needs a bullet to kill someone.

“I have to kill them all.” They can’t live. My secret must remain a secret.  “He though “I must start first with the old man and his boy.”


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