The Prodigal Family

The air was silent except for the sound made by the shovel sweeping the grave. The rain had stopped as people had gathered around the newly dug grave. Only a few people really cared for the dead while others were just there as a formality. In the midst of the small crowd was a young boy of 5 years of age, with his stylish long hair combed perfectly. The puff covered his left eye almost completely. Rain water dripped down his hair on his face where it mingled with tears that finally fell on the ground. The boy had been standing for a long time now it seemed as if he had been there since ages. His father’s dead body was finally laid to rest besides the grave of the young boy’s mother. His father had been separated from his love since more than a year now. He could not bear the loss therefore he decided to join her.  As layers of wet mud covered the grave his father’ body became less visible while tears rolled down his checks even faster. The boy stood there till the grave was finally covered. It again started to rain he now couldn’t stand there anymore so he left. He ran through the ruined graveyard that had been destroyed by the recent bombing. Many graves had been destroyed by the bombings but the dead remained as ignorant as they were so they did not seem to bother at all.  People who are alive are careful for many things however, the dead do not worry about anything.  The rain got faster and faster as the little boy ran through the graveyard towards his house. His small house was dark and horrifying however the sound of thunder made it look haunted.  The boy despite turning on all the lights felt as if it was dark from a distant he could hear a dim siren. The civil defense had warned all citizens not to turn on light bulbs in order to avoid bombing by enemy’s jets.  The boy was afraid of the dark so he could not turn the light off the siren was followed by announcements. The boy kept the lights on and shouted with anger. As the angry boy shouted the floor of the house was raised and touched the ceiling shattering all the light bulbs.


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