The Qandeel Baloch Biopic

To be or not to be that is the question

Renowned Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has once again made headlines after disclosing her willingness to star in Qandeel Baloch’s biopic. The biopic is expected to go on air this August on Urdu 1 and has already become a much heated debate. Qandeel Balach rose to prominence in a short span of time and managed to acquire the title “Social media’s sensation.” Later she was strangled by her brother who apparently had to face terrible criticism owing to her sister’s behavior. The daring Saba Qamar has attracted severe criticism ever since she posted pictures of her Qandeel Baloch look on the Social media. While talking to “” Qamar said that Qandeel’s biopic is aimed at presenting the problems and difficulties she went through. The show is certainly not meant to glorify the late model therefore it may seem a bit boring to all those who are expecting it to be entirely entertaining. Qamar further asserted that this show would either prove useful in changing the mindset of the society at or “I die doing it.” She stressed on the fact that people made Qandeel Baloch a “social media sensation” hence they should be also be held responsible for her death.

According to The Guardian Qandeel’s family lived in a three bedroom house with “mud for flooring.” Baloch not only supported her immediate family but in addition to that she also supported a dozen other relatives. The report furthered revealed that Qandeel’s mother praised her daughter for taking care of the family’s financial needs better than her brothers. With the death of Qandeel Baloch her parents were left clueless of how to meet their needs in the absence of their daughter.

Qamar also informed that she along with a team of 72 members delved into research before taking on this upcoming project. In order to bring the best out of her Qamar has been in contact with Baloch’s family and friends. After examining the life and works of the deceased model Qamar is now of the view that people have ignored the fact that Baloch had tried her luck in a few other jobs.  After being exploited Qandeel Baloch finally entered the limelight.

“Bhagi” the biopic on Qandeel Baloch is meant to target the issue of hounor killing which has taken the lives of so many women at the hands of their relatives. It is true that our society at large is quick to pass verdict on individuals without looking into the matter. It is obvious that the path Baloch chose should have been avoided but one must realize that whatever she did was to support her family. It is true that a frustrated poor man who steals and robs to support his family may find more sympathizers as compared to Qandeel Baloch.

Baloch was strangled by her brother as she was deemed a tough sinner for attracting a large audience. However those who watched her videos and yet criticized her must not exclude themselves from the list of sinners.  “To be or not to be that is the question “is one of the most famous lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Shakespeare’s protagonist Hamlet after considering the torments of life feels that suicide may introduce him to an endless torment. Those who kill women like Qandeer Baloch in honour killing fail to realize that their victims should have been given the right to repent as a dead soul never returns.

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