The Reality of Asteroid Appohis’s Impending Danger to Earth in 2068

The Asteroid Apophis was first spotted by scientists back in 2004. However recently astronomers have expressed their concern about how much threat the space rock posses to planet earth during a close pass in 2068. Soon after the discovery of this giant space rock scientific research suggested that this 340-meter wide asteroid would pass near the earth in 2029, 2036 and 2068. Initial study suggested slim chance of the asteoroid hitting the earth. Therefore it was discounted as a threat. David Tholen an astronomer at the University of Hawaii has pointed out that the earlier research had overlooked the Yarkovsky effect. According to scirentists Yarkovsky effect causes the sun to strike one side of the asteroid. As the heat radiates away from the asteroid a small amout of energy pushes back against it slightly tilting it.  According to Tholen  as the Yarkovsky effect continues to push Apophis to one side the asteroid is being drifted 170 meters a year. Tholen claims that there is no indication that Apophis will strike the earth in 2029 and 2036, but year 2068 might witness something undesirable.


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