Is the Taliban regime deemed to pose a greater ?

There is no denying the fact that Afghans are in absolute distress following the exit of the United States from Afghanistan. Therefore, some Afghans have even lost their lives in an attempt to flee their country as they refused to live under the Taliban rule. Since the Taliban have been averse to the personal liberties of women therefore many Afghan women are petrified. Many people around the world are skeptical of the Taliban’s glowing promises of ensuring the rights of the women. Distressing images showing Afghan’s clinging to the U.S aircraft clearly show the desperation of the Afghans.  Three Afghans even fell down and died as the plane took off and retracted its landing gear. The Afghan population in general and the women in particular are cynical of the promises made by the Taliban. Many international observers are of the view that the Taliban are trying to rebrand themselves as gentler and softer group. The Afghan women were not turned away from attending schools, colleges and universities even after the fall of Kabul. However, one view suggests that the Taliban are aware of the fact that the whole world has its focus on Kabul.

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In this photograph taken on October 10, 2015, young Afghan women, who have been displaced from the northern Afghan city of Kunduz during clashes between Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents, speak as they gather waiting for temporary shelter donated by a businessman at a hotel in Kabul. Hiding in her basement, a Kunduz radio presenter was paralysed with fear when the Taliban came looking for her as they conducted house-to-house searches for working women after storming the northern Afghan city. AFP PHOTO / Noorullah Shirzada

 Therefore, women living in Kabul might find themselves in a better situation as compared to those living in other provinces. There is no denying the fact that many Afghan women are not willing to accept the Taliban rule. Therefore, the Taliban have met with some kind of resistance in Jalalabad and Kunhar. Many demonstrators took to the streets protesting against the Taliban. There were reports that women had even thrown shoes at the Taliban fighters in disdain. Many international observers believe that the international community must closely monitor the Taliban for the next few months to see it they keep their promises. However, others question if the Taliban could be trusted. Concerning the return of the so-called reformed Taliban two schools have emerged in the international community. The first school believes that the Taliban have evolved in all these years. Therefore, the world should trust them as they would keep their promise of granting freedom to women. The other school suggests since the Taliban have earned the reputation of a brutal insurgent group hence, they cannot be trusted.

The fact of the matter is that times have changed. The Taliban have evolved and so have the Afghan women. Therefore, the concept of personal liberties of women in Afghanistan has also changed. Personal liberties in Afghanistan before the fall of Kabul were not confined to just attending school, college or university. The Afghan women before the fall of Kabul had bigger dreams such as performing in the Paralympics.  Taekwondo athlete Zakia  Khudadadi would have been the first woman to represent Afghanistan at Paralympics in Tokyo. The return of the Taliban has not only terrorized the Afghan women but have also shattered the dreams of millions of Afghans. Therefore, millions of desperate Afghans wish to leave their country. In today’s world personal liberties include the right to pursue one’s dreams. Therefore, it is unlikely that the international community would ever agree to the Taliban’s concept of freedom for Afghan women.  Only time would determine whether the Taliban would remain committed to provide the Afghan women with whatever little freedom that they have promised.

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