The Salvage Firm that wants to recover Titanic’s Iconic Telegraph machine faces Tremendous Opposition

A section of the boat deck heavily damaged by rust and bacteria

The Salvage firm that has successfully plucked silverware, china and gold coins from the wreck now intends to recover the Marconi Wireless. Doomed ship’s iconic telegraphic had sent frantic distress calls after the cruise liner had hit the iceberg.  Since the plan of recovering the telegraph has been severely opposed by critics therefore Oceanographer David Gallo has been dubbed a greedy treasure hunter, a grave robber.

This is a replica of the Titanic’s Marconi Room from where frantic distress messages were sent after the ship had slammed an iceberg in the North Atlantic and began to sink.

Despite being personally insulted Gallo is adamant that the salvage firm should be allowed to save the “voice of Titanic” forever.

However, the Titanic shipwreck is protected by a joint agreement between the US and the UK. Therefore, the court in 2000 had already ordered not to cut or detach anything from the wreck.  The underwater video of the wreck shot last year showed that the Marconi room on Titanic’s boat deck has been severely damaged by rust. Therefore it is feared that the telegraphic machine could soon be unrecoverable.


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