Fleeing Afghanistan

As the Taliban insurgency continues to gain momentum it seems like the shadow of death is getting bigger in Afghanistan day by day.  Therefore, the Afghan army has already fled to Tajikistan as the Taliban have captured many key areas in Kandahar.  According to reports 1,037 Afghan troops have already entered Tajikistan after they were left without resupplies. It is obviously true that the Afghan troops cannot fight the Taliban without the U.S troops backing them.  The Confiscation of territory by Taliban in Afghanistan has also caused many Afghan families to flee the country. A speedy Taliban insurgency has once again raised the question how do this group support itself. Therefore, how much money the Taliban earn is now one is the most talked about topic for the international observers.  According to the international media Taliban’s main source of income is through drugs, mines, taxes, extortion and funds.  According to reports the Taliban make a whopping amount of $ 1 billion by opium.  The UN survey on opium cultivation indicates 37% spike in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan in 2020.  Furthermore, the Taliban earn $ 3 Billion annually by controlling mines. According to news reports it also gets $ 1 Billion by covert funds poured in by private donors globally.  Some reports suggest that the Taliban earned $ 2 million by electricity in 2018.  A strong increase has been witnessed in Taliban’s budget in 2019-20 as it soared to $ 1.6 Billion. So, by dwelling on these news reports suggesting Taliban’s amassed wealth worth billions of dollars some neighboring countries have raised their brow questioningly. Afghan neighbors such as China, India, Russia and Iran are now all set to revisit their relations with the Taliban. However, despite several reassurances by the Taliban these countries are still skeptical of the Taliban. The exit of the US troops has not only alarmed Afghanistan’s neighboring states of an impending civil war but has also distressed the Afghan locals.  The rich Afghans have to pay ransom to the Taliban as they have imposed high taxes on travel and communication.  The Afghans fear that the capture of their country by the Taliban would soon put an end to their basic freedoms.  It is feared that flying kites, playing music or a fancy haircut could now put any one in trouble.  The U.S despite making tall claims of helping the Afghans now seems to be averting its eyes form the Chaos in Afghanistan.  Since the health care and education are fragile in Afghanistan therefore the US intelligence community warns of an impending civil war. The United States just like its famous wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen continues to lack a clear road map for success in Afghanistan.  Some international observers by viewing how the Taliban’s are making inroads are comparing the situation with Iraq after the exit of U.S troops. As the shadow of death seems to get bigger in Afghanistan it is evident that the Afghan locals would be forced to flee to neighboring countries.

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