The situation I define “Sharmanak”

No one is safe, I repeat no one is safe

Pain cannot be described in words, fear cannot be explained and death cannot be predicted. Many girls are forced out of their houses either to work or ask for alms. These girls are sometimes treated as animals tortured, raped and killed.  Hyenas in the appearance of human beings ruin the lives of girls who in order to meet the basic necessities have to step out in this cruel world.

Who is responsible for whatever evil we see happening around us? After witnessing horrific incidents that often take place in this world , one is tempted to question are we really humans? As this world continues to change at a fast pace sadly some of us still seem like the ancient Arabs who buried their daughters alive.

Girls have been given rights in theory whereas in practice they are kidnapped and raped by predators from our own society. Such horrifying incidents often force parents to stop their daughters from stepping out of the house alone.  The society boasts that girls have the freedom yet many girls have been brutally killed in the name of honor killing. It has been witnessed that some girls often face issues of harassment while others become victims of slander. Resultantly these girls are forced to commit suicide as they see no other option of escape.  Pakistani women must be viewed as the pride of the nation therefore justice should not be deprived from them.  Pakistani girls should not be killed and rapped as they also demand the same respect that others are given.  Pakistani girls are ambitious and have dreams to make their country a better place hence they must be given the opportunity to do so.

I turned on my TV for entertainment but sadly came across a news report on the increasing numbers of cases of assault against women.  Sadly many women have become victims of assault in the past many years but now many little girls have also become victims of assault. There is no explanation of the reason why increasing numbers of incidents against little girls have been witnessed.  These girls with innocent dreams of playing with dolls and making friends had their lives shattered in the blink of an eye. The Media effectively plays its role by highlighting the issues, desiring that justice would be brought to the victims. Fear of severe penalty and punishment can surely stop people from committing such horrific crimes. Sadly more and more incidents have been reported indicating a state of lawlessness in the country.

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