Wuhan lab at the center of conspiracy

Many people around the world believe that Coronavirus despite being on everyone’s lips still remains an untold story as the truth has been concealed.  Therefore many people are staggered to know that the US has declared the Chinese Lab eligible to receive the US tax payer money till 2024. The Chinese Lab has been at the center of CCP pandemic controversy since it is viewed as the source of the CCP virus outbreak.  The Wuhan Institute of virology studies corona viruses in bats. Therefore, many believe that an accidental leak is responsible for the virus infecting humans and the current pandemic.  It is astounding that most of the international community has not questioned the Chinese government for leaving the untold story of Wuhan lab.  Many scientists and journalists on the bases on their investigation have proved CCP’s deliberate effort to deceive the world. Therefore now some scientists suggest that it is highly probable that the origin of Corona virus is due to an accidental leak from Wuhan lab.  The virus that had the greatest genetic similarity to start Covid 2 was extracted from a mine in southern China. One scientist contends that there is no evidence of transmission chain from southern China to Wuhan on animal intermediate hosts. Moreover, the massive cover up by communist China which includes destroying samples, shutting off access to data base and imprisoning journalists have raised many questions. Therefore, a sizeable segment of the international community believes that Beijing’s transparency and credibility is questionable. However, there are American scientists who claim to have visited the Wuhan lab before the pandemic and were satisfied with levels of safety. On the contrary others argue that members of the US embassy who visited Wuhan lab in 2018 were surprised at the low level of safety.   At world health assembly last year 30 countries came to authorize an investigation into the origin of the pandemic. Unfortunately China was given a veto to determine who gets to participate moreover the initial investigation was done by Chinese researchers.  Therefore, it is believed that the investigation that relies on the transparency and goodwill of Chinese government is not credible.  One theory suggests that Beijing could be held responsible for the pandemic.  The Chinese government concealed the virus from the world as it was around the Chinese New Year.  Thus the Chinese government allowed millions to travel in and out of China.  This resulted in the outbreak of an epidemic and later pandemic.  As the Chinese government continues to exert its policy of controlling individuals therefore disagreeing with the government is seen as an anti-China position.  Countries that are captive to China’s political and economic pressure would continue to avert their attention from the reality of this pandemic.  The Australian Prime Minister had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction with a WHO probe and demanded an independent Inquiry.  Consequently Australia had to suffer an economic setback and deterioration in relations.  Many believe that the virus infecting humans and the current pandemic are due to an accidental leak from the Wuhan lab. Therefore Americans are certainly taken aback to discover that the US tax payer money had partially funded the project that turned out to be a nightmare.  The Wuhan lab had received money from a nonprofit organization Echo Health Alliance.  As Wuhan lab would continue to receive US tax payer money till 2024 it is feared that China could be carrying out the same kind of bat based experiments. Diverting US tax payer money to Chinese experiments on animals expresses Biden administration’s failure in making this world a safe place.

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