The Trans that might Change the Pakistani Perspective

For generation the transgender has been looked down by our society. The family disowns them or beats and tortures them until they conform to the “natural ways” and the society ridicules them from birth till death. The life of a Trans in Pakistan is beyond our comprehension. It is this very society who kicks them out and then it is this very society who calls upon them for mujras and sexual pleasures.

Walk deep inside the narrow bazaars of the City of Rawalpindi or any other city of Pakistan, walk until your feet bring you to the door of living quarters of our Khwajasaras. And from there just listen. Listen to their stories of playing dual personalities; on for the eyes and respect of their families and the other for their own eyes and respect. Listen to their stories for being rented for mujras, for dancing non-stop for 3 to 4 hours (mind you, this dance is not for recreation, at least not for theirs) in front of an uncivilized audience. Listen to their stories of being followed and raped by drunken men and listen to the bruises on their bodies which yield proof.

Living as a transgender in Pakistan must be no less than living in hell. But some very unique and very rare cases broke free from hell. In the eyes of the society they are deviants but in the eyes of the Khwajasaras they are heroes. One of such cases is Rimal- the First Trans Model of Pakistan.

There is no constructive portrayal for Trans individuals in Pakistan media and Rimal Ali is attempting to change this. Confronting a considerable measure of segregation in the business she stated, ' I am not here for sex I am here for work. I have endured a ton and lost a great deal of good undertakings since models would prefer not to work with a transgender model.' She is also to impart the screen with Sheheryar Munawar in Saath Din Mohabbat In. The movie additionally has Mahira Khan ahead of the pack part and is coordinated by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi. Rimal will play a transgender club artist and is doing an item number and prepare to have your mind blown. Sherry will likewise be shaking his leg with her!

She has an emanation of talking, strolling, moving and notwithstanding sitting like a whiz. Battling in the business for right around 9 years-she has at long last made her name.

With a degree from Punjab University, Rimal still went up for what she is most energetic in- dancing. It is reputed that Rimal succumbed to somebody who didn't acknowledge her for being her identity.  No matter what, Rimal has proved to break the barrier and defy all odds. YOLO wishes her luck!

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