There comes a rainbow after a heavy rainfall- A fight for struggle

I am unique, I am said to be one of its kind. I decided to give up on everything by putting a full stop to all the miseries that showered on my life as a heavy rain. I asked myself again and again if slitting my wrist can put an end to the sufferings that I was going through. What is life somebody asked me and I wrote hell.  I never shared my pain with anyone because I was made that way. I would wake up in the middle of the night and cry till my pillow soaked. My heart was shattered to the point where it seemed impossible to live another day. I was harassed and betrayed and is it not a solid excuse for me to put an end to my life? I walked barefooted on the pebbles with rough stones touching my feet but I could imagine myself standing at the edge of a cliff. I asked myself what is more painful to step on a stone or to be stepped upon. I thought of all the reasons why people want to end their lives. As I began thinking of the reasons that make people take their live I felt as though I was drowning in a deep dark ocean surrounded by sharks.  I then realized that every human has the nature of the devil therefore we act like the devil. The truth is we are being chased by the devils, killing us with thoughts that present irrelevant things. The thoughts that we imagine and the doubts we have make us feel helpless.

No one can help you, until you start helping yourself. I finally realized why people commit suicide.  As I looked at myself in the mirror I wondered why I am so empty. From that moment I realized that no one can feel my pain when I am unable to understand myself. If I can’t love myself how can people love me? In order to fill a glass, the jug should be first filled with water.  People commit suicide so easily because nothing turns out to be good for them. Depression, struggle and frustration often cause people to commit suicide. At times death seems to be the only escape to so many problems.

Is Suicide really the end?

 Just because your soul seems shattered as a result of what you have been through does not mean that you have to put an end to your life. I have now realized that our souls are too weak ,once shattered we need the help of others to restore our lost joy. After watching the televised version of Thirteen Reasons Why I could see myself in Hannah. I felt that I had been through much more  than what Hanna went through, but I was able to endure that suffering. Just as every coin has two sides similarly every action has a reaction and at times we ignore the flip side of our decisions. We only like to consider what we think is true. However the question is whether suicide is the answer? What happens to you after you die? Is it really an end? Suicide certainly is the beginning of a new suffering as both the departed soul and the dear ones have to suffer. Those who run away from the battlefield are considered cowards so how much more cowards are those who give up to fight the battle of life. Just as a heavy rain is followed by a rainbow in the part of the sky opposite to the sun similarly tribulation is followed by joy. Death has no beauty and suicide is the beginning of an endless misery hence those who commit suicide must not be viewed as heroes. The one who commits suicide suffers endlessly moreover his dear ones cannot escape the condemnation of being bad parents, siblings or friends as long as they live.

“Life is given to you to become a gem, like a diamond and to shine

It’s up to you if you want to be a coal and end up being ashes.”



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