Tom & Jerry M16 is an upcoming live action animated  slapstick comedy film based on the characters of the same name.  Tom & Jerry’s slapstick mayhem causes the complete destruction of their house consequently Tom is kicked out of the house.  After giving up the employment of a house cat as a bad job Tom is forced to wander in streets. Both Tom & Jerry are homeless without food untill Jerry takes residence in city’s largest and finest hotel.  The hotel management finds itself in truoble as they plan to arrange the centuary’s biggest wedding between Ben ( Collin Jost)and Preeta ( Pallavi Sharda).  Therefore, the hotel manager  assigns  Kayla ( Chole Grace Moretz)  a young  newly employed staff member to plan the wedding  besides getting rid of Jerry. Kayla hires Tom to catch Jerry however their slapstick mayhem eventully puts Kayla’s career at risk. Soon a bigger problem arises which causes the three of them to put their differences aside to uncover hotel manager Terrence ( Michael Pena’s) harmful plot.  This interesting film created  by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera is  produced by Warner Animation Group. Directed by Tim Story and written by Kevin Costello this film is all set to realese on 26th Febuarary 2021.


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