With pollutants in the environment increasing and overall life expectancy decreasing, healthy lifestyle is taking preference all over the world. Whether it is a celebrity or your next door neighbor everyone is opting for healthier options as far as their lifestyles are concerned and so this search has given birth to the trend of organic food.


Organic foods refer to agricultural crops and dairy products that are unprocessed and grown without the use of any chemicals, bioengineered genes or growth hormones. Organic food is often fresher and richer in certain nutrients, and is better for the individual consuming it and the environment both.


In a world where new inventions are being made with every passing second, bioengineering has reached new heights and has paved way for genetically modified food to meet the requirements of our fast paced lifestyles. While done to meet the consumption demand, genetically engineered food is not the healthiest option to go for. Made with the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically engineered genes, these foods carry a high risk of causing cancers, tumors and immune system disorders.

These are reasons why people are switching back to good old ways of producing and consuming agricultural crops. Organic food does not make use of any harmful pesticides, insecticides or herbicides so it is a lot fresher than processed food, making organic food not only healthier but full of flavor too. Moreover, the absence of these chemicals helps reduce pollutants in the environment, increase soil fertility and is better for the ecosystem.

On the other hand organic food might cost a little since it is more labor intensive and grown with the use of any pesticides and other chemicals.


Like the rest of the world, organic food is trending in Pakistan too and recently new outlets have opened up offering fresh and organic produce.  N’eco’s Natural Store & Café, Green’s Supermarket and TazaMart are some names that have solution to all your organic food needs in Karachi.

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