Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Review

UEBS is a sandbox battle simulator. It’s not much of a game, as it is a tool for generating weird and funky battles. You can put 10,000 chickens in a death battle against an army of Romans. It provides for some funny moments and is very unique. You can choose how many troops you want from different categories and can put them anywhere on any map with any formation you desire. Then, within a click of a button, you can watch the action unfold before your very eyes. It is also possible to use the possess feature to take control of one of the troops and fight alongside your team.

This idea looks good on paper; however its execution was quite lackluster. Sometimes the troops get stuck in the sky while being summoned due to terrible hitbox detection. The animation is clunky and the graphics are not good at all. While it can be understood that trying to render 10,000 of any entity would not be possible if the graphics were top notch, it’s no excuse for a game coming out in 2017 to look like it came out in 2010. The problem worsens with the camera controls; the camera is buggy and at times gets stuck at the outside of a map. The fighting system in UEBS is not fully fleshed out and has no real depth. Even though this game has some serious cons, it still may be worth a buy as it is only for $15.

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