The horrendous London Bridge attack on 3rd June, 2017 claimed 8 lives and injured 50 people as three terrorists sped a van on the London Bridge into pedestrians. The calm summer’s night was being enjoyed by many revelers in restaurants and pubs besides some people relishing near the River Thames. Suddenly three terrorists jumped out of a van and launched their rampage stabbing which lasted more than eight minutes before they were shot dead by the police. The three killers have been identified as Khurram Shezad 27, Rachid Redoune 30, and Youseef Zaghba. ISIS has allegedly claimed the responsibility for this horrific attack Shezad one of the killers was a Pakistani born Zaghba was a Moroccan born and Redoune was also from Morocco. According to Dean Haydon, Head of the Counter Terrorism Command, this terror attack was unique as the terrorists tried to generate maximum fear by wearing fake explosive belts. Furthermore, the killers used 12 inches ceramic knives for stabbing and slicing people. The police further revealed that the terrorists had stored petrol bombs in the van besides wine bottles with flammable material wrapped in rags. Fortunately the killers were gunned down by the police before they could return to the van to afflict more damage.

According to one eye witness the van hit a girl after it veered from one side of the bridge to the other. Some witnesses saw nearly six people lying on the London Bridge while others reported they saw people hurling chairs, bottles and pint glasses at the killers. The terrorists entered many restaurants and pubs stabbing anyone they saw.

The police received the first call just after 10 pm on 3rd June and rushed towards the crime scene filling every available police car with officers. The police, besides killing the terrorists, also ushered terrified people to a nearby pub close to the Borough Market for safety. Following the London Bridge attack, commuters faced travel disruption around Borough and the city, as stations and roads remained closed for investigation. Following the London Bridge attack, the police arrested several other suspects including a 29 year old man on suspicion of allegedly planning the terrorist activity.

Currently, UK is experiencing a high level of terror threat. In the wake of the London Bridge attacks, the Anti- Muslim hate crime are on the rise in Britain. According to ‘The Sun’, the MI6 chief stated that Britain is currently facing an unparalleled threat from ISIS, as terrorist organizations are attacking the UK from within Syria. According to an article in ‘The Guardian’, Muslim leaders in Manchester have reported an escalation anti- Muslim incidents in the city.  The clergymen of the Manchester Islamic Center in Didsbury are facing hate crimes, because the alleged terrorist used to offer his prayers at the center. The latest attacks have produced a sharp spike in anti- Muslim hate crimes in Britain. Some of these incidents have been reported for instance, a Muslim girl was spat at and a woman’s hijab was ripped off. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London while talking to ‘Independent’ said that “London will never be cowed or divided by terrorism.”

According to a news report, the incidents of anti- Muslim hate crimes in the wake of the atrocities in Britain is higher than the Paris attacks and Lee Rigby’s murder. One of the many reasons for the current spike in hate crimes is the fear that something worse may happen. According to “The Sun”, the EU report has warned that apparently more than 1500 Terrorists have entered Europe with the orders of carrying out brutal attacks.

It is feared that the IS inspired atrocities in Britain and are bound to prompt retaliatory action against mosques or a clampdown on the civil liberties of a particular group.  However, one school of thought suggests that the extremists want to divide societies and communities.

Online radicalization remains of the biggest problems faced by many societies of the world, therefore the British Prime Minister has asked Britain’s allies to support “regulate cyberspace.”  She further added that “it is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam.” Prime Minister May stressed that “It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth. “

The recent atrocities in Britain have raised anti- Muslim hate crimes as some violent extremist by carrying out brutal terrorist activities aim at dividing communities and societies. It is important to realize that extremists propagating hateful views are against all societies and all religions of the world.

The return of 1500 jihadist’s raise fear of sinister attacks across Europe


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