Voter Fraud Controversy: Is United States still the Land of the Free?

Democrats versus Republicans or Corrupt versus Non corrupt

The 2020 US election continues to be the most controversial elections in the history of the United States.  Apparently President Trump refuses to accept his defeat whereas President elect Joe Biden is all set to swear in as the next US President on January 20th 2021. According to the main stream US media Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud are utterly baseless.  However, with clear evidence of voter fraud supporters of President Trump are not willing to give up until the mystery of voter fraud is completely exposed.  With Plethora of evidence exposing voter fraud many US citizens demand their right to discover absolute truth regarding the election. It is believed that this election is more than an election questioning whether the American people can trust their national institution from executive branch to legislation. Supporters of President Trump refer to the time code security footage which is the most visually sensational proof of the election fraud. Trump’s legal team wants a full transparency into the machines. However, the media narrative dismisses the idea of machine audit.  The dismissal of machine audit raises suspicion and strengthens the idea that the truth is being concealed.   A dominion voter contractor Mellissa Carone who worked at Detroit on Election Day revealed shocking information regarding the election.  Carone testified before Michigan House Oversight Committee that at least 30,000 ballots were counted numerous times in the dominion machine. Data scientists in Georgia reveal that 30,000+ Trump votes were removed while another 12, 173 were switched to Biden. 

Dr. Robert Epstein from the American Behavioral Institute of Technology in California has asserted the existence of voter shift by Big Tech on November 3rd.  According to Epstein 6 M votes had been shifted to the Democrats by Big Tech on the Election Day.  A team of Trump’s supporters in Arizona have launched a volunteer “Citizen Investigation” to disclose election fraud. Citizen Investigation has uncovered thousands of illegal votes in Arizona.  The volunteers of Citizens Investigation canvassed the homes of registered voters and found out that dead voters had also been registered.  Moreover, many of the voters registered in Arizona had moved out of Arizona several years ago but someone had voted for them.   The team also discovered faked addresses given in the national data as the voters do not live at the given addresses. Surprisingly the canvassers also revealed that someone had even voted for people who were either in prison or in Covid isolation. The apartment complexes received ballots and voters voted in return but there is no evidence that those voters actually live there. In light of plenty of evidence questioning the credibility of the US presidential elections Americans want to know the absolute truth regarding the Presidential election. Some Americans are questioning why the legislative representatives in the judicial system cannot examine the recent elections and prove it to be honest.  Or in fact if the proof is there that the election was not honest but fraudulent then it should be revealed to the American people.  Many Americans believe that the recent election is not Biden versus Trump it’s about corrupt versus non corrupt. Voter fraud deprives citizens of a free election undermining the truth of the government of the people by the people and for the people. Therefore, the Americans want to know the truth as they believe that US is still the land of the free.



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