Who’s Next?

Two Super Powers - Similar Fate

I was a kid then, hardly ten years old when news started showing up on PTV (Pakistan’s official News Channel), about the soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Every night I sat with eyes glued to the television, waiting for news about the afghan war. Every night, without fail, PTV would tell us about various feats of the mujahedeen, and every night they would report destruction of 8 soviet tanks. Me and my younger brother would joke later that Russians must have lost around 30,000 tanks according to PTV claims.

            Jokes aside, it was a grim decade for Afghanis and Pakistanis. But in those ten years, our poor little country extended all the help it could muster to its Afghan brethren and then some. We trained the mujahedeen, galvanized their resistance, organized them and with US help, armed them. It was Pakistan’s war against the approaching communist bear. Slowly the tide turned, soviets went back and rest is history. Lo and behold! Pakistan had defeated a super power, with American help but we were there and we did that . . . . . .

A convoy of Soviet Army armoured personal vehicles cross a bridge in Termez, 21 May 1988 at Soviet-Afghan border, during the withdrawal of the Red Army from Afghanistan. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979 to shore up the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul and maintained more than 100,000 troops in the country until completing their phased withdrawal in 1989. (Photo by VITALY ARMAND / AFP) (Photo credit should read VITALY ARMAND/AFP via Getty Images)

            Time passed, actually a decade passed, Afghanistan became a hub of terror in all its forms. So the only  super power in the world stepped in to sort them out. The Americans had so much to gain from their presence in Afghanistan. Iran, China and Russia would new feel exactly what the US felt about Cuba. And of course the only Islamic nuclear weapons state was just a stone’s  throw away. And stones they did throw, lots of them.

            The first ever hybrid war was unleashed against Pakistan, corrupt politicians were nurtured, media houses were manipulated and not to forget the long series of suicide bombers. The aim was to make Libya or Iraq out of Pakistan. They failed, they failed for twenty long years, until they went back. LO and behold! Pakistan had defeated another super power. “Oops! I did it again” (No pun intended).

            Yesterday white sitting near the drying ravi, moisture laden monsoon wind blowing on my face, I was wondering: Who’s next?

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