Whose Interests are served in a Bleeding Syria?


The contemporary history which began in 1945 has witnessed many episodes of wars, bloodshed and violence despite the UN being the advocate of worldwide peace and security. Despite of United Nations being an advocate of global Peace many wars have been fought because maximizing powers and protecting national interests is the biggest rule in International politics. Unfortunately has emerged as a relatively new theater of war with many leading powers of the world as spectators viewing one of the worst battles in the modern history.

  The battle in Syria which merely began between the forces loyal to Bashar- al Assad and his opponents has now become a place for demonstration of force by most of world powers. The Presence of Islamic State, the Russian support, the Iranian money and the US air strikes are all contributing factors in making Syria the worst place on earth. Russia has been accused of fueling the conflict by offering political support and “military air assets”. However Iran is accused of pumping money besides providing “tactical advice and ground troops.” Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey share a history of hostile relations with Shia Iran therefore throwing Asad from power servers their interests. Besides the US led military coalition alliance the Saudi Arabia has been supporting Anti Asad fractions.

The Asad regime has been accused of using barrel bombs against civilians besides ruining infrastructure however Asad is not ready to accept the blame.  According to some international observers the United States owing to its flawed policies in the Middle East has a fair amount of share in the Syrian conflict.  The United States is accused of having no definite strategy in Iraq which led to establishment of ISSI a fierce movement that misinterprets the true essence of Islam.  Furthermore one school of thought blames the US for initially not providing support to suppress the ISIS as the United States wanted to discontinue its engagement in the Middle East.

Millions of people have lost their lives yet the United Nations has been merely a spectator failed to de-escalate the conflict.  It is obviously true that the people of Syria are paying the cost of the hostility in Syria. According to a survey the total death toll in Syria is 500000+. Furthermore 6.1 million people have been internally displaced whereas 4.8 million people are seeking refuge in foreign countries.  The international community, the great powers, the United Nations and the Islamic world has turned a deaf ear to the cries of the Syrian people as a bleeding Syria server the interests of all the international actors involved in this conflict.

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