Women Empowerment in KP: A police constable sets the world on fire

The extraordinary success of a woman constable sets a new example for women

The KP province of Pakistan just like its beautiful green meadows, lakes and tall trees has witnessed many people with extraordinary resolve. One such example of an unfaltering resolve is Kausar a young woman from the Hasomat Serian a small village of Manshera district. Kausar is the eldest of the two daughters born to a family hailing from an extremely conservative area of KP where girls are mostly denied of education. However Kasuar has set an extraordinary example by being the only educated woman in her village now serving as a police constable. Kasuar owns her success mostly to her parents especially her father who encouraged his daughter to follow her dream by acquiring education.

Kausar from an early age was well aware of the fact that it is education that makes all the difference in an individual’s life.  Moreover Kasuar was aware of her responsibility to support her parents as they advance in age. By acquiring education Kasuar has not only been able to realize her usefulness in the world by becoming a police officer but is also able to support her family.  Kasuar recalls the joy her parents experienced the day she was selected in the KP police. Today Kasuar’s parents are proud of their daughter’s achievement being the first police officer in the District.  Kasuar has lately had the opportunity of attending a course of basic information technology through UNDP’s strengthening Rule of Law Program, funded by US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. This training program primarily aims at improving the quality of policing in the KP province which has been experiencing episodes of violence and insecurity.  Police officers like Kasuar after going through this training would be able to dispense their duties at best by providing responsive services to their communities.  One of the areas that the police department has lagged behind in Pakistan is keeping up with modern methods of policing. However, this training is aimed at improving the overall policing by introducing the police officers to modern methods. One of the long-term objectives of this initiative is to set up fully equipped model police stations besides training officers on crime scene management communication skills, community and gender responsive policing.

Kasuar who has been serving the Police since 2014, views the introduction of basic information technology in policing as a stepping stone. According to Kasuar only a few police stations have currently been transformed into model police stations however modern techniques and practices must be introduced to all police stations.

Here are some interesting lessons from Kasuar’s extraordinary story.

  • Parents must encourage their children especially girls to acquire education.
  • Education empowers women to follow career paths of their own choice which brings financial freedom not only for women but for their families.
  • Working women can become agents of change by contributing to their families, communities and societies.

There are many educated and talented young girls in our country who are denied of education. Girls must be given the opportunity to acquire education and follow their dreams like Kausar who has set a new career path for women of her community. Women make a large part of Pakistan’s population therefore they must be given equal education opportunities as no nation can experience true prosperity without the contribution of educated women.


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