World Diabetes Day 2017

Creating Awareness to confront the health threats posed by diabetes

The world diabetes day is observed every year on the 14th of November with the aim of creating awareness among 1 billion people in 160 countries of the world. One of the objectives of observing this day is to bring to attention the health threat posed by diabetes. This day was initially created by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization owing to the global concern regarding the disease. As a result of the United Nations Resolution 61/225 the World Diabetes Day became an official day of the United Nations. The World Diabetes Day is the biggest diabetes global campaign which promotes the idea of dealing with diabetes as a global health issue.  The campaign against diabetes is represented by a blue circle logo after the UN resolution on diabetes was passed in 2007. This symbol represents the unified response of the global diabetes community against the diabetes epidemic. This day has been significant in informing people regarding the prevention of the disease, what complications it can lead to and what kind of care the patients demand. The theme for the World Diabetes Day for this year is “Women and Diabetes our Right to a Healthy Future.”

Insulin was co discovered by Fredrick Banting and Charles Best in 1921 and proved to be an effective lifesaving treatment for diabetics. No other day of the year could have been as suitable as November 14th for creating awareness regarding diabetes as it is the birth anniversary of Fredrick Banting. This day is observed around the world by carrying out meetings, lectures and seminars etc.

It is said that “prevention is better than cure” therefore making healthy food choices can prevent type 2 diabetes.  Doctors around the world advise cutting on sugar and refined carbs besides having physical activity on a daily basis. Uncontrolled diabetes can further lead to kidney failure, blindness, heart disease and other serious conditions. A large analysis conducted by various studies suggest that people who spend most part of their day engaged in sedentary behavior have 91% risk of getting diabetes. Therefore it is advised by doctors to change sedentary behaviors by simply standing up and walking for a few minutes every hour.

Type 2 diabetes is more common amoang South Asians as compared to other ethnicities in the world. According to a study Pakistan was included in the list of the top 10 countries of the world with high numbers of people suffering from diabetes in 2004. It was further estimated that by 2025 14.5 million Pakistani’s would be suffering from diabetes.

It is high time to fight against the global epidemic of diabetes by spreading awareness to more and more people regarding this disease. It is therefore important to adopt a healthy life style which includes a balanced diet and daily exercise. Good health is a blessing and one must take care of it as Reba McEntire said “All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health.”

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