Film jackpot starring Javed Sheikh, Adnan Shah Tipu, Sana Fakhar, Noor Hassan and Sanam Chaudhary has not been able to impress the audiences.  Produced by Khurram Riaz and directed by Shoaib Khan, the story of the film centers around a lost lottery ticket worth Rs. 100 crores. According to critics, one of the reasons for the film for not doing well at the box office is its weak story line and direction. The film besides having several shortcomings and poor editing seems heavily influenced by Bollywood films.



 Film Gumm released on 11th January 2019 starring Sami Khan, Shamoon Abbasi  and Shameen Khan could not live up to the expectation of the audiences. No wonder the cast and crew had put in a lot of time and energy to shoot this project in the Margalla Hills of Islamabad. However, the film besides having the need for a better plot also required improvement in various departments. The film despite being directed and co-written by Kanza Zia and Ammar  Lasani lacked an original plot as it seemed borrowed heavily from 2010 Adrien Brody film Wrecked.

 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates the Country’s First Cinema Museum




Indian Prime Minister Modi inaugurated India first Cinema Museum in Mumbai amidst a handful of Bollywood stars such as Manoj Kumar, Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar.  PM Modi said that films are a ‘Silent power’ that can bring about major social changes. 

Boney Kapoor sends Legal Notice to the Makers of the Film ‘Sridevi Banglow’




Boney Kapoor has sued the makers and director Prasanth Mumbully of the upcoming film ‘Sridevi  Banglow’ starring internet sensation Priya Varrier.  Kapoor was not so happy to watch the film teaser showing Varrier drowning in the bath tub.  However director Mumbully while defending his position said that Sridevi is a common name and Priya Varrier is playing the role of an actress called Sridevi.  According to sources Boney Kapoor has taken the copyrights of the life story of his deceased wife. Therefore no film maker can make a film based on the life of the late actress.  Nevertheless the film makers of Sridevi Banglow despite admitting that they have received the legal notice are adamant on fighting the case in the court.                                                                

Junoon’s electrifying performance cheers Dubai audience




Rock band Junoon after making a comeback in Karachi has now mesmerized the audience in Dubai.  The audience swayed their mobile torches as Ali Azmat sang “Khuwab” one of the most popular songs that the band had ever produced. Junoon was of the most popular bands of Pakistan in the 90’s however it disbanded for some reason in the early 2000’s.

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