Yalghaar may not be the best movie to ever be made or seen but it’s worth a watch for the purpose of enjoyment and for the emerging Pakistani Cinema. The efforts of the makers and the actors should be given a lot of credit.

Enlivened by the effective military operation in Swat valley, Yalghaar takes after the attempts of the Special Services Group (SSG) of the military - Col Asad (Shaan), Col Imran (Adnan Siddiqui), Capt (Bilal Ashraf), Capt (Umair Jaswal) and Col Jogezai (Ayub Khoso) who has been captured by a terrorist group - battling a fear monger association driven by the pernicious 'Tor Khan' (Humayun Saeed) in Pakistan's northern ranges. By judging the vast number of renowned actors in the film, it must certainly have been a challenging job for the director to ‘direct’ and put in place all the characters. Actors like Humayun Saeed and Shaan had could have had better dialogues as hearing them speak on a large did not give the viewer goosebumps while it should have, considering the plot of the film! If it was meant to be a patriotic movie then it should have nudged the patriotism out of the audience a little bit more if not to its core.

The action sequences are really good; they really get the viewers adrenaline pumping. Hassan Waqas Rana was the man behind the activity arrangements of Waar; he returns as an executive director in Yalghaar and creates excellent action shots. He proved that he really is “The Man of Action”. Be it scenes where genuine tracer shots were discharged or the ones where live ammo was utilized, activities talk louder (and all the more clear) than words, all action shots were captured brilliantly.

Now the purpose of the movie is quite clear, even by looking at the cover photo, we applaud and dedicate respect to the armed forces of Pakistan. Right from the beginning, you will see a bold text reminding you of the sacrifices and protection provided by the Pakistani army. Proceeding onward to the script, the film had no proper story or clear plot line. When "Waar" released in 2013 the greatest objection I personally had was that it was an amalgamation of brilliantly shot scenes without much cognizance. With all things considered, now that I contrast this film with "Waar" and I do that on the grounds that clearly, it was "Waar" which motivated then maker/screenwriter Hassan Waqas Rana to take up the executive role, while yalghar, is not at all like the former, has no hint of a different story.

Armeena Rana Khan, Aleeze Nasser, Sana Bucha, Atiya Khan, Uzma Khan, Ayesha Omer, could have all performed better. It looked more like a fashion parade. The women in Yalghaar added a different shading to the film. It's a turnaround for Uzma Khan who was wretchedly utilized as a part of Teri Meri Love Story; for Janaan young lady Armeena, this film fills in as another quill in the cap; Ayesha didn’t have many dialogues, she weeped a lot and a large emotional monolog which for a minute, was too much to bare. Sana, Aleeze and Atiya played the role of spouse/sweetheart of one of Pakistan’s great looking actors and in spite of the fact that they are scattered everywhere throughout the film, they do inspire the audience with their quality of acting.

Yalghaar overall is an average film. One may contend that we should figure out how to appreciate any Pakistani film as noteworthy as this, Yalghaar is a demonstration of the way that our film industry needs something other than patriotism; it needs a will to investigate a new masterful idea and area. Overall I would rate this film 3/5 for the effort the filmmakers made, the hard work of the entire cast and crew and for great action sequences. It’s not bad for a one time watch.

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