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     The Prodigal Family

Dr. Sadia while walking towards her car realized that someone was right behind her therefore she pulled a mini pistol from her bag. She then quickly turned back and pointed the gun at that person.

This gun is useless as I can stop each and every bullet fired at me said Suleman.

What is this Suleman I don’t have to shoot you replied Sadia hiding the fact that she was scared.

How do you know that boy who has puffy hair asked Suleman?

So you have been stalking me he was my junior and a very close friend.

Suleman told Sadia that Mohsin has special abilities he had even tried to attack him a few days back.  Sadia became exceedingly fearful as Suleman lifted an iron rod that lay close to her car with the flick of his hand and brought it close to her throat. He even threatened her so she was about to break down but still tried to convince him that she was not lying.  Surprisingly Suleman said I trust you and left.  Salem must have taken over Suleman otherwise it was impossible to convince him.  She immediately called the police to report the attack. She was still waiting for the police to arrive when she read Safia‘s text message which stated Mohsin has abilities. She replied I know and immediately deleted the text message.


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The Prodigal Family

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