Advanced technology and globalization bring new products to markets faster than people need them. Markets are flooded with modern gadgets such as mobiles, phone apps, tablets, computer and gaming consoles etc. Newer and trendier items are introduced with every passing day targeting the youth.  Our youth cannot imagine a life without these gadgets. Modern technology has made our lives easier and is considered essential to keep up with the fast pace of the modern age. But at the same time fixation to gadgets can cause problems and social imbalance. These gadgets carry a number of positive and negative effects on the users.

Nowadays cell phones especially smart phones have played a revolutionary role by becoming an integral part in the lives of many people.  Music, games, networking, emails and calling is just a click away. The present generation is smarter than their parents as they prefer indulging in social networking rather than social circles. Most of the youngsters choose mobile phones as the mode of communication, sending text messages owing to the cheap or free packages by telecom companies.

On the contrary the earlier generation preferred spending their weekends out of town, engaging in various competitions or taking part in sports. Today’s youth enjoys indoor activities such as internet surfing, watching videos, computer games, or communicating on mobile phones.  It has been generally observed that adolescents these days are not interested in painstaking reading habits, they seem to be living a robotic life.  In earlier times, children filled their free time engaging in creative games, socializing or reading books.

Computers and videogames being extremely popular with the youth have often had a constructive impact on the young minds, enabling them to focus better.  Conversely, children may develop a tendency to get confused between virtual and the real world or isolate themselves from society.

It is extremely important that these games should not be applied to real life and should remain a past- time activity. It is necessary to keep in mind while using a gadget such as videogames that whatever activity is done goes on in the virtual world. Thus, it would be imprudent to try to apply those things to the real world.

 Computer and video games can be very addictive and the back-lit screens used for computers, video games and iPhones may cause eye problems .The use of headphones with music blaring directly into ones ears may result in hearing problems. Nowadays parents often use gadgets and devices to keep their children quiet in one place for a period of time. Over use of gadgets for instance, iPods, cell phones and video games may cause a whole range of health issues. Children hooked on for long hours on these gadgets may experience disruption in their learning abilities and detraction from study.

  A major edge provided by the internet is library resources from around the world such as; newspapers, magazines, books, journals and various search engines instantaneously.  Other tools besides the internet are spread sheets, presentation software and the word processor, all of these have increased efficiency and productivity. Technological advancements due to their novelty have left their mark on human lives in every aspect.

Some experts contend that mobile phones have transformed cultures. One cannot ignore the significance of mobile phones in developing political situations and in connecting protestors with one another and the rest of the world. At times people sitting in the same room do not talk to each other as they are engaged in some or the other screen based- activity. Other attractive features that the modern technology has introduced are face book and twitter.  They can be used as powerful tools to stay connected with friends and family.

The modern gadgets being efficient in supporting the internet have transformed the lifestyle of their users. Remarkable data streaming capability power has created several extraordinary profitable and largely popular enterprises in the form of video sharing and social networking sites. Technological advancement has introduced new avenues for interacting with others and conducting business.

Modern gadgets are extremely attractive and one cannot ignore their usefulness yet it is important not to fall prey to them. Our youth cannot live without these gadgets as they keep them connected to the world. Thus, the fundamental correlation between gadgets and lifestyle should not be ignored and a balance should be struck between the two.

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