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Lovers and matches as destined

There is much to say when it comes to zodiac signs. Originating from Greek mythology each one of us is assigned one zodiac sign at birth. In other words, your major characteristics of your personality will be predicted by everyone around you based on the dates you were born in. It is not my place to state whether this belief system is right or wrong or true or false but yes it has been coming down through ages and it has reached us today. And hey, it is fun to know these things at times.

Many people have a strong faith in these signs and the most interesting part is when it comes to choosing lovers and romance, almost everyone starts associating with or through their zodiac signs.

Aries are known to be dominant in nature, therefore not surprisingly; their love life is associated with dominance as well. An Aries will tend to be upfront in a relationship as well as very bold and take actions without thinking or caring about the external impact. The best matches considered for an Aries are Leo and Gemini. Being an Aries means being very stubborn and only Leo and a Gemini can extinguish an Aries’ fierce passion and high energy with their own.

Being an Aquarius born will leave you feeling emotionally disturbed. It is generally not easy for an Aquarius to let their guard down and show their emotional vulnerability to another but still an Aquarius is very independent and progressive because they tend to take care of themselves come what may. A good match for Aquarius is thought to be an Aries or a Libra. While an Aquarius is shy and vulnerable, the other partner, such as an Aries is independent, bold and a partner whom can easily be relied on.

It is stated that a Taurus will give money priority. They believe that even though money does not bring love but it does bring stability and when you are stable you will have less arguments and emotional distance with your love partner. On the other hand, when a Taurus brings financial stability to the table, a Taurus will also bring rigidity. It is never easy to receive forgiveness from a Taurus. Therefore, it is best to love and settle down with either a Virgo or Capricorn. Only these two will be able to keep you satisfied because their mild traits can easily conquer your rigidity and while you focus on money, the other will focus on love keeping the relationship in balance.

Geminis are known to be very intellectual and they will always fall in love with the mind rather the body. They will always regard intelligence and intellect as superior to any other characteristic therefore they will expect their partner to arouse them with their minds. Since Geminis love with maturity and virtue they do not get jealous over trivial matters and mostly very generous lovers. Their best matches are with Libra and Aquarius.

Being a Pisces reflects compassion and art. An individual who is a Pisces will tend to very different from others, a love for art and music is a common trait amongst this sign. They are known for being the least judgmental beings on Earth and they will accept, respect and love you for who you are. They trust easily and are wise at the same time. They love even though they know that it will bring them pain. They are best to settle down with a Virgo or Taurus.

A Cancer is known to be the emotional star sign when it comes to romance. They are very tender and emotional; they love with all their heart and they give in their 100% in the relationship. However, a Cancer does not let its guard down easily and this makes it very hard phenomena in a romantic relationship. You will love and expect to be loved at the same time but you will not let loose for the fear of being left alone. A good match will be a Scorpio or Pisces. A partner who can dominate or accept as it is in a relationship is what a Cancer needs.

A Leo is known to be creative. Being in a romantic relationship you will always look for spice and creativity. You easily get bored and require that something new be tried since you yourself also bring a lot of drama and creativity to your love life. The best matches would be an Aries or a Gemini. Only these two can satisfy a Leo’s desire in any way because they bring strong passion and desire which do not let a Leo get bored.

Virgos are said to be more judgmental and not towards others alone but towards their self too. Although they are very kind; a Virgo will even help an enemy if kindly asked but their overly judgmental nature always contradicts with their love life. They will not think high of themselves; they will always demean themselves and always be skeptical of another’s feelings. A good match for them would be with Pisces or Cancer.

A Libra will always go for beauty. Unlike a Gemini, a Libra will fall for physical attraction rather than mental. They need to have a lover who has the perfect body and looks; whom they can show off to their social circle. It is best for them to settle down with Aquarius or Gemini. It is important for a Libra to have a mature life partner who can understand them because they need to have someone with mental superiority to them.

A Scorpio is known to be very intense. Everything about them is intense; their feelings and emotions, their love, their sexuality. They want to possess their partner and hate it when people are materialistic. They look beyond what other people see. Scorpios expect their partners to show them that side of themselves which is hidden from everyone else. A good match will be Taurus and Cancer.

A Sagittarius is the most undiplomatic being on Earth. They do not know how to handle tough situations and they will never be able to realize who their friend is and who their foe is. They will love more than is deserved by the other person and mostly they will love the wrong person and that too unconditionally. They will go against the world for love. The best matches would be a Gemini or Aries.

Capricorns believe in actions over words, they are generally reserved by nature. It is rare for a Capricorn to express their love using words but they love shows strongly in actions. They will overcome any limitation to gain affection from their loved one and to prove their unbounded love for them. A good match for them would be with Taurus or Cancer. A Capricorn will need someone who can find words in their actions and a partner such as Cancer will give them the response they deserve.

What is your zodiac sign? Share your thoughts.


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