Zubaida Tariq: The Irreplaceable Culinary Queen

Remembering the Epitome of Household Recipes

Zubaida Tariq commonly known as Zubaida Appa has been a protagonist in making cooking shows a big success in Pakistan.  Zubaida Tariq first appeared on television in the mid 90’s but it was after the dawn of the digital era in Pakistan that she gained unprecedented popularity as a cooking expert.  Her elegance extraordinary talent and her surprisingly vast variety of household tips made her one of the most endearing women of all times.  Zubaida Tariq was indeed one of the best culinary experts of the country without having any formal training in culinary arts.  When it came to household tips she was the most sought after personality.  She spent two decades sharing her profound knowledge on household tips to improve the domestic conditions of women in particular. Zubaida Tariq has been successful in evoking younger generation’s interest in cooking by her inspiring traditional recipes. She had millions of viewers all over the globe who enjoyed watching her shows and often expressed their admiration for her by making live phone calls. Zubaida Appa was born in 1945 in Hyderabad Deccan British India to an extraordinary talented Urdu speaking family. At the tender age of 10 Zubaida migrated to Pakistan with her family and got settled in Karachi. Over the course of time her family became one of the prominent families of the country owing to her siblings Anwar Maqsood, Surayya Bajiya, Zehra Nigah and Sughra Kazim. Unlike her siblings Anwer  Maqood and Surayya Bajiya Zubaida kept her self away from public attention by initially choosing a career in cooking. However, Zubaida Traiq was still destined to be famous therefore she ultimately became one of the most famous cooking experts of the nation. At the age of 21 she got married to her first cousin Tariq Maqsood and was blessed with a son and a daughter.

Following are some less known interesting facts about Zubaida Tariq.

According to Zubia Appa she had no experience in cooking when she got married hence the first meal she cooked in her new home ended up being a disaster.  However, Zubaida  Appa covered up her not so good attempt at cooking by convincing her husband to take her out for a Chinese meal.

Once Zubaida Tariq had to prepare a meal for her husband’s friends who had come unannounced relying on the memory of having seen her mother marinating mutton chops in yogurt.  However the success of this particular meal resulted being a mile stone in Zubaida’s journey in culinary art.

  • Zubaida Appa had a huge collection of Sarri’s and glass bangles.
  • Her fans would call her even in the middle of the night seeking an urgent advice however she always remained calm and answered their queries very politely.
  • Zubaida Tariq owing to her extraordinary talent was encouraged by her husband and his colleagues at the Dalda Cooking oil company to join as a cooking adviser.
  • Soon after her husband’s retirement from the Dalda Cooking Oil Company Zubaida began her career with the same cooking oil company. Her job as a cooking adviser in Dalda soon resulted in her first television appearance in a Dalda sponsored cooking show.
  • Zubaida Tariq was closely associated with the radio furthermore she had authored several cook books.

Zubaida Tariq had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease from the past some years however nothing in the world could separate her from her millions of viewers worldwide.  Despite being unwell she chose to continue her famous cooking show which was a source of happiness for ten thousands of women.   From quite some time she was suffering from heart problem and resultantly four stents had been placed in her by means of a cardiac angiogram. Zubaida Tariq was all prepared to appear on her show but as destiny would have it she passed away late Thursday night.  Her death was mourned by millions of people worldwide. She was laid to rest in Karachi in the presence of thousands of mourners. Zubaida Tariq’s demise has certainly left a vacuum in the culinary world as no one can replace her. She shall always be remembered as a genuine human being and a true gem of our society.

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